Did Hitler Survive WW2 - by Randal M. Bundy
Randal M. Bundy

EUF: Hitlers Escape to Argentina where he lived in until 1962
         Reports from Argentinian Government Officials as well as key persons in the U.S. Government and the International Intelligence Community lead me personally to believe the anser is yes.  Hitler died in 1962 and he and Ava Braun did have three children, 2 daughters and one son. Today  Hitler's children are married and have children themselves and all are alive and well in Argentina and various other parts of South America and North America.
          It is worth mentioning, in this life since we can not choose who our parents will be it is certain that whatever crimes they may or may not have committed,  we who are their descendants are not guilty.
          The fact that Hitler did survive the war and escaped to Argentina has been proven by DNA tests and the identification of Hitler's descendants is known only by a selective few persons today and is a closely guarded secret which is not even known by Government Officials.

- Randal M. Bundy - 10 November 2015


Hitler in Argentina
Is it possible that Adolf Hitler did survive World War 2 and escape by U-Boat to Argentina, South America?   Is it also possible that the Allies knew this and covered it up and keep it a secret?  These are theories that many people have put forth and truly believe.

Personally I think it is possible as U-Boats were quite capable of making the journey and with a network of friendly countries and fuel depots along the way, it could have been accomplished.  Also with the vast wealth in Gold and Diamonds and probably Swiss Franks, money does talk.  I see no reason why he and the top officials of the Nazi Party would have done this.  After all even Hitler at some point should have realized that the War and everything else was lost.  I see no reason to not consider it a very strong possibility.

Through out the years there have been many reports of sightings of Hitler in South America
and there was a very large German Communities in and around Buenos Aires where there would have been already an established network of Sympathetic and Loyal German Patriots who were for the most part left out of the war in Europe.  These German communities contained many very wealthy industrialists and business men who would have been more than willing to cooperate with the former German Chancellor.  We must also consider that the SS and Nazi Party had many years to establish safe houses through out friendly and neutral countries.  According to at several reports he and Eva Braum after resettlement in Argentina even had children, who are alive today.

There are two schools of thought on this matter as I show below:

The following is from the school of thought that seeks to debunk the claims of Hitler's escape to Argentina.  Although they attempt to go to great efforts to debunk the theories, actually what they present as evidence would not hold up in a modern court of law as evidence.   The witnesses they claim prove Hitler's death in the Bunker are actually people with a complete motive to cover-up Hitler's escape.

Debunking the “Hitler Escaped” Myths – Forensic evidence trumps rumours, theories and romantic tales

But the claimes of Abel Basti, an Argentinian Journalist can not be dismissed as presented in this article below.  The article is printed in:  Latin America, Israel and the Jews - Informing the world about events in Latin America that affect the Jews and Israel - date of article is Tuesday, July 13, 2010
The writer Abel Basti says the Nazi Fuhrer died in Argentina
this article presents:

.............from this article..........................
"The big secret of the dictator’s flight was the arrival of a double at Hitler´s bunker on April 22, 1945, when the real dictator flew to the Austrian airport of Hörsching together with eight other people, including Eva Braun "

This version coincides with that given to the CIA by Heinrich Müller, head of the Gestapo.

Basti insists that his work also includes a paper from the British Secret Services revealing that a Nazi submarine convoy departed days later from Spain, and after a stopover in the Canary Islands, continued its journey to the south of Argentina.
"In one of these submarines Adolf Hitler travelled with Eva Braun, under the protection of the de-facto president of Argentina, Edelmiro Farrell, and his Minister of War, Juan Domingo Peron."

........................................German secret document where Hitler appears as one of the passengers evacuated by plane from Austria to Barcelona on the 26th or on the early hours of April 27th, 1945.
"It was a secret official communication with copies to the pilot Werner Baumbach, who emigrated to Argentina and brought his copy. Baumbach, together with others known Nazi pilots, worked for Peron’s aeronautical project.

....................."Hitler cut his hair and shaved off his moustache. This was enough to go unnoticed, as well, of course, that he did not move overtly in public. The removal of his moustache exposed a  scar on his upper lip, which was not known by the common people.

.........................While Hitler was in Spain, a great farce was played in the bunker, whose lead actor was one of Hitler's doubles. During the last hours, his lookalike was drugged and prepared to represent the final act.

...........................Hitler´s escape was provisioned in a large plan of escape by the Nazis: of men, capital and technology. That plan, in 1945, received the green light from the Americans, through a secret military pact. The thousands of Nazis that leaked into the West, of which about 300,000 came to the U.S., were "recycled" to fight communism. Hitler became a living dinosaur, protected and sheltered.

.................Hitler´s escape was provisioned in a large plan of escape by the Nazis: of men, capital and technology. That plan, in 1945, received the green light from the Americans, through a secret military pact. The thousands of Nazis that leaked into the West, of which about 300,000 came to the U.S., were "recycled" to fight communism. Hitler became a living dinosaur, protected and sheltered.

........................document of the British secret services revealing that Hitler fled to Argentina on a submarine, stopping to refuel in the Canary Islands.
"And you say that before the convoy of submarines left Spain, the U.S. Navy removed all units sailing the South Atlantic. You also indicate that Nazi submarines “exchanged messages" with the American fleet. The messages were intercepted by the English.

............................"Hitler was 56 years old when he came to Argentina, where he lived as a fugitive, with a false identity and trying to pass as unnoticed as possible. In the early years he lived in a ranch near Bariloche, then in other parts of the country, and he changed residence in more than one occasion. Always accompanied by two bodyguards, sometimes three. His political activity was limited to a few meetings with old comrades and some Argentinian military. Hitler died in Argentina in the sixties. Eva Braun, younger than him, survived.

.............end from this article..........................

from:  Hitler Escaped To Argentina Theory

....................Nil Nikandrov observes (Strategic Culture Foundation, "All the Leaders of the Third Reich Fled to Latin America"): "In his well-documented, The Hitler Survival Myth (1981), Donald McKale identifies the earliest source of the myth of Hitler's escape to the southern hemisphere as the unexpected surrender of a German submarine in early July 1945 at Mar del Plata, Argentina.
"Several Buenos Aires newspapers, in defiance of Argentine Navy statements, said that rubber boats had been seen landing from it, and other submarines spotted in the area.
"On July 16, 1945, the Chicago Times carried a sensational article on the Hitlers having slipped off to Argentina.”

....................Basti tracked down that fire during seven years of sometimes grueling investigations.He personally visited German compounds surrounded by security and stern-faced guards, interviewed surviving witnesses in villages near the strongholds, and even obtained authenticated photographs of Hitler and Braun during their exile years.
"Basti wrote that A. Hitler, E. Braun, and Führer's closest aides flew from the burning Berlin to Spain...and then crossed the Atlantic Ocean by three submarines and reached Argentina.

"In July-August, 1945 Hitler and his group landed in the Rio Negro province near the Caleta de los Loros village and moved on further into Argentine.
"Allegedly, the same secret route prepared by SS chief Himmler's staff was later used by Bormann, Mengele, and Eichmann.
"Basti detailed the journey of A. Hitler and E. Braun across Argentina assisted by local National Socialist sympathizers and described the couple’s family life during which—despite the hardships of hiding—they even had children."
The Soviets weren't helpful on the matter of the German leader's death.

......................Marshall Zhukov, the head of the Soviet army gave a press conference with Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinski looking over his shoulder. 'We did not identify the body of Hitler,' he said. 'I can say nothing definite about his fate. He could have flown away from Berlin at the very last moment.'"

....................Basti: "Hitler escaped via air from Austria to Barcelona. The last stage of his escape was in a submarine, from Vigo, heading straight to the coast of Patagonia. Finally, Hitler and Eva Braun, in a car with a chauffeur and bodyguard—a motorcade of at least three cars—drove to Bariloche (Argentina).
"He took refuge in a place called San Ramon, about 15 miles east of that town. It is a property of about 250,000 acres with a lake-front view of Lake Nahuel Huapi, which had been German property since the early twentieth century, when it belonged to a German firm by the name of Schamburg-Lippe."

..........................Basti: "I was able to confirm the presence of Hitler in Spain thanks to a—now elderly—Jesuit priest, whose family members were friends of the National Socialist leader. And I have witnesses that allude to meetings he had with his entourage at the place where they stayed in Cantabria.

......................"Hitler lived as a fugitive with his wife and his bodyguard. His first years were in Patagonia, and then he lived in the more northern provinces [of Argentina].
"In the early years, he held meetings in different parts of Argentina, and with other National Socialists in Paraguay, as well as with sympathizers from foreign countries.
“He shaved his head and mustache, so he was not easily recognizable. He lived away from large urban areas, although he had a few meetings in Buenos Aires. He died in the sixties in Argentina.
“I’m currently investigating where he was buried and how he lived his last days."

.........................Basti: "Until his death in 1953, Stalin always believed that Hitler had escaped. In 1945, Stalin told the Allies this same information. There are three different shorthand writings in which Stalin mentioned that the German leader had fled.
"In Argentina, I have interviewed people who had seen and met with Hitler. In the Russian archives, there is abundant documentation that shows that Hitler had escaped."

......................Basti: "Despite the recent investigations that proved that Hitler’s remains at the Kremlin in Russia did not belong to him, most Russians have always rejected the theory that he escaped. The same applies to the nations involved in the war.

.............end from this article..........................

from:  Father Krespi

.......................Father Krespi's background is also mysterious, and does in fact go along with Magda's accounts of what happened. Krespi claims he is from an Italian/Austrian family in Northern Italy. He came to the Vatican in fall of 1943. There, he attended seminary and served as a Novitiate. Later, he was ordained into the priesthood. All this was behind the closed walls of the Vatican. Unheard at the time, and has never been repeated since. He never set foot outside of Vatican City, a city with the status and diplomatic immunity of a sovereign nation. Krespi was given a position as Curator of Art for the Vatican Achieves, a position far above his humble rank as Novitiate.
Krespi spoke fluent Italian with a perfect accent. Magda later pointed out the fact that Hitler's mother was from Northern Italy and spoke Italian as her first language. Hitler himself learned Italian as his first language.
In 1956, Krespi was sent as a priest to the town of Cuence in Ecuador. A town known to Jewish-led National socialists Hunters as a hideout of Martin Borman and other high level Officers that had escaped Germany. There, he lived a reclusive life as village priest and reportedly gave money to every member of his congregation at the conclusion of services. He also reportedly paid the villagers to protect his mission. Villagers say German men often visited him.
In 1993, Father Krespi died, reportedly at the age of 90. More than 2000 people attended his funeral, which was marked with ceremony rivaling that of a King. He was laid to rest in a white marble sepulcher, which is still reported to be cleaned weekly, and adorned with flowers constantly, all paid for by anonymous admirers.
After his passing, some interesting things were discovered about him. He left behind millions of dollars worth of artwork. Magda and others later identified much of this artwork as belonging to the private collection of Adolph Hitler.
The Chief of Police for the town of Cuence reported that what he termed as "teams of European men" invaded the small town the day prior to the funeral. Several attendees of the funeral were German, and had armed escorts."

.............end from this article..........................

Father Krespi
It is known that during the last year of the war, Hitler’s medical records were destroyed, and all the doctors who had seen him mysteriously vanished. The single exception was a young dental assistant who was called in to assist a dentist with cleaning Hitler’s teeth two times. She was later captured by the Russian Army and made to make a drawing of Hitler’s teeth so the Russians could match the charred remains they found in the Berlin bunker with her drawing since no authentic dental records could be found. After days of torture, she still had only a vague memory of the actual teeth of Hitler, but the Russians decided that it was a match. Stalin was never convinced but could not allow the world to think that Hitler had escaped the Russian Army.

In 1981, a retired US Army Colonel named Wendell Stephens made a trip to Ecuador. During his trip, he met a priest in a small town called Cuenca. The priest was named Father Krespi, and Col. Stephens was convinced he was in fact Adolph Hitler. He could not get people to listen to his claims that this priest was in fact Hitler. He examined thousands of Hitler photos, and was more and more concerned he has found Hitler. He even described priceless artwork that Father Krespi had in his secluded home in the mountains of Ecuador. But nobody would listen to his claims.