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Democrat Sheep, the Lost Tribe of Idiots

The Democrat Circus & Freak Show is in town,
they've Brought ALL the Clowns & Freaks

by Randal M. Bundy - 20 September 2014

What a remarkable collection of misfits.  Truly unbelievable how they have gathered them all together under just one banner and in just one particular political party.  What is more astounding is that some of these people are actually well educated, or at least they have credentials that say they are.  However that should not be accepted alone as to their actual educational qualifications.

Democrat Circus

and so are they

Anyone familiar with academia will know that if you have enough money and contribute generously to that prestigious University that you want “little Johnny” or “little Jenny” to Attend, then they will certainly be able to accept him or her. Furthermore if the grades through out the University years are just not quite enough to insure the little darlings a degree, don’t fret, just grace the right palms with the right amount of cash, and all is well.  As a matter of fact with enough money contributed they will even name a wing of the school after you, the beneficiary and you name can also appear on the list of distinguished board members as well.

You see the old sayings of “Money Talks”; “Money Opens Doors”; “You can’t make the scene, if daddy ain‘t got the green” all of those old quotes are based in truth, when it comes to education in the USA and I am sure it is elsewhere as well. 

We know for a fact that members of elitist families, be they Business Tycoons, Congressmen, or just simply the old money rich folks whose children may not necessarily be the sharpest tools in the shed, well there is always a way around obstacles now isn’t there? 

You may not actually be able to get a job with that degree in the private sector, but with the right democrat political affiliations you too can become a Democrat Politician,.  Hell you might even become a star in the democrat party, like Nanci Palosi.  Forget about the fact you know nothing about the Constitution, neither does Nancy Palosi and look where it got her.  Even when she mistakenly quoted the Declaration of Independence and thought she was quoting the Constitution.  Hay, FORGET all that, according to research 60% of the University Graduates could not even name the three Branches of Government.  Hell, even Barack Obama actually thought, during his first campaign for president, that he had visited all 57 States. 

Well that's nothing, Sheila Jackson Lee stated in Congress and for the record that we Americans can be proud that we had been the first to "Walk on Mars".  Now when did that happen folks, I think I am going to have to stop sleeping because It seems like I keep missing all the very important aspects of History Making in the United States.  First while I was sleeping, we somehow expanded our number of States from 50 to 57 which can maybe be explained that we stole a few Canadian Provinces and broke them up into smaller pieces to make a grand total of 57 States and then while I must have been sleeping we "Walked on Mars".  Damn you miss allot when you sleep.

Hell, It doesn't matter anyway because obviously the voting constituents have no clue either and could care less if their elected officials are actually qualified for the jobs they hold.  Obama, Palosi, Read and the rest of the Democrat circus clowns have shown us all that, you really don‘t need to know any thing at all about what the United States is or is not.  Certainly you don't actually need to have learned anything of relevance during all those years of higher education.  So forget about the grades and you‘ll be fine as a matter of fact you'll be better than fine, you'll fit right into the democrat party like a missing part to the puzzle. 

Constitution, we don;t need no Constitution, Obama knows what's best for us, his little mindless children. Besides all that doesn;t matter anyway, we should not trouble ourselves with thinking too much. Well it doesn’t matter anyway because Obama and his advisors and other political hacks obviously know nothing about the Constitution, nor the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution also known as the Bill of Rights nor about the Law in General.  When it comes to all those tedious and obstructive little details, they just make it up as they go along. 

Therefore you too can just "make it all up as you go along" and you will be in Good Company in the Democrat Party.  While you're climb that ladder of success in the Democrat Circus and Freak Show, remember the Unofficial Moto of the Democrat Party,
"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." - Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister Nazi-Germany.

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