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Daesh (aka ISIS) - Demons from Hell
Even According to Islamic Standards
by Randal M. Bundy - 02 February 2015

Daesh aka ISIS
Daesh is the term the Arab world when they refer to what the western world calls ISIS.  Arabs feel that calling them ISIS grants to them legitimacy in what they are doing and what their amnition and goal is, which is to conquor the entire Arab world itself.

The world was witness to the truly demonic evil of ISIS who execution by burning to death of the Jordanian Pilot, "Mu’ath Kasasbeh" while he was still alive and confined inside of a cage. This act made it clear to even the Arab world that ISIS is Barbaric and does not recognize any common rules of warfare, being one that you do not execute prisoners of war whom you have captured.  For myself I found it very distressful to watch the video that had circulated around the web.

“ISIS also followed up with reported 6 Islamic clearics who had critisized the execution of the Jordanian pilot, and two Imam's on the list were, (the Imam of Nabi Yunis mosque, Sheikh Abdullah Fahad) and (the Imam of Kabir Mosque, Sheikh Ayub Abdul Wahab in Mosul).

Obviously the reaction from the Jordanians was predictable, as they could not possibly allow this crime committed against them by ISIS to go un-revenged.  The execution also produced sondemations of Muslims from around the world who view “such a form of killing as despicable even by Islamic Standards, which was clearified by their statement of, "no matter the context.”

The militants murdered the clerics by firing squad. They also beheaded four civilians in another neighborhood.

“We have received reports and information, indicating ISIS beheaded four civilians in 17 Tamuz neighborhood of Mosul for criticizing the burning of the Jordanian pilot Mouath Kasasbeh via facebook,” said Mohamed Shawqi al-Nadawi, the spokesman for the Iraqi human rights observatory.

According to a Twitter account connected to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the group responsible for the massacre at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, said the murder of the pilot is “conclusive proof of Isis’ deviance.” Ahmed al-Tayib, Grand Sheikf of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, announced the militants “must face ‘killing, crucifixion and chopping of the limbs’” and called the group “satanic.”.  However I have heard no condemnation from any of these sources regarding the slaughter of unarmed French Citizens of Charlie Hebdo Publication.

Saudi Arabia, whose death penalties were compared to the Islamic State, called the terrorist group “enemies of Islam.” The United Arab Emirates said radical Islamic groups “represent epidemics that must be eradicated by civilized societies without delay.”  I think the Saudi's statements reflect more of fear for their own asses, becasue ISIS has painted a target on Saudi Arabia and the Royals of the Saudi Kingdom and have proclaimed they will conquor the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina and ISIS has also made clear their intent to do pretty much the same to any of the Saudi Royals who they can find. 

The Twitter accounts associated with ISIS celebrated the death of the pilot. They also justified burning him alive. Despite the backlash, ISIS screened the film in front of populations under their direct control in Raqqa, Syria, while shouting “Allah is Great!”.

Although I am glad to hear of the rreactions from the relative mainstream Islamic Societies and countries, I know that their reaction is generally only becasue he was Jordanian and Muslim.  I did not hear any outrage at all when the Christians, the Jurds or the Yazidi were all being slaughtered in mass executions.  So yes I say to those outraged Muslims, welcome to the war, but remember these are the mosters which you have given birth to and which Islamic has created by it's insane and barbaric ramblings of man men like Muhamed. 

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