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Randal M. Bundy

Criminal Charges and Prison Time
or Violent Revolution and Executions

27 June 2014 - Randal M. Bundy

There can be no forgiveness for those of those in the Obama Administration and those appointed through out the various branches of Government for the crimes they have committed and continue to committ. That includes the President himself becasue I for one do not believe he knew nothing about what his subbordinates were doing.  I believe he was actually directing them every step along the way.  In Government Agencies people do not just take it upon themselves to committ crimes such as they did without there superiors knowledge.  

A perfect example is the entire scandal involving the IRS.  The crimes committed by all those who were involved was and still is targetting the Political Opposition of Obama and the Leftist Democrats. They even went so far as to attempt to audit one of the senators whowere attempting to get to the bottom of the entire criminal conspiracy that the leadership of the IRS was involved in.

Let's look at and consider the severity of the crimes committed that we do know about.  I have learned over the years that if there is 5 crimes that you do know about most like there will be at least twice as many that you do not yet know about.

01 - The deliberate delaying of Tea Party Applications for special tax exemoption status by using the well known burocrating paper shuffle.  What they did is obvious to me.  They were in fact making the rules and regulations up as they went along.  Example when left wing organizations applied for the same tax exempt status, their applications were quickly approved.  However when a Conservative, Patriots or Tea Party Organization applied for the exact same status, then their applications were scrutanized to the point to where it was obviously the IRS was deliberately trying to prevent them obtaining approval so as to prevent them from participating or having any influence in the 2012.   elections.  By the IRS stalling but not rejecting apprioval of those tea party, conservative and patriot organizations applications, they were able to endlessly delay and stall their participation in the election process.  There fore the IRS was acting as a tyrannical entity for the Obama administration and thus a politisized branch of the Government.  The only waay to eliminate this is to fire everyone from the janitoprial staff to the directors, eliminate their pennsions, bar them from any future government emplyement and jail time for those on all levels who had anything at all to do with the criminal conspiracy.

Regarding the IRS's most recent escapades and contempt of Congress by claiming that email by high ranking officials was lost.  Anyone with a brain can recognise the actual intentionally destruction of the emails in question would have been because Congress subpoenad them and those responsable persons at the IRS knew that these email contained evidence that probably lead straight to the top of the pile.  In other words these emails would confirm that Obama himself had a personal hand in directing the actions of his subordinates at the IRS.  Criminals like those involved would rather prefer to be considered incompetent.  They also know that it will be less likely for Congressional Investigators to actually prove that the so-called "loss of these emails" was intentional, instead of by   computer hard drive crash which is what they are claiming.

I personally believe that these crimes go straight to the top of the shit pile - the White House and to Obama himself

The absurdity of people in the IRS leadership who draw their pay checks form the Tax Payers Dollars and then refuse to testify in front of the Senate Investigative Hearing.  When the same IRS is investigating or auditing the tax payers, do they, the tax payers have the same right to refuse to cooperate?  No they do not, the mear fact that you refuse is in fact an admision of guilt, in the world of Tax Courts.  Furthermore who is it that pays the saleries of those special tax judges?  You guest it, they are in fact employeed by the IRS itself.  Am I the only one who sees the conflict of interest here with this sytem.

These people think they are above the law, the same law they would in fact insist we go to jail for in we violate.

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