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Creepy Clowns Roaming California Town After Dark
by Randal M. Bundy - 13 October 2014

I first saw Reports of these events on Facebook several weeks ago about "Creepy Clown" who were mysteriously appearing in small California Towns after Nightfall".  Now it has hit national News around the country and it is very frightening to say the least.  Here is a one of the photographs taken of one of them by a first hand witness to their appearances and phenomenon.  These events are just so weird, even for me that I just had to include it in my column.  Now we must all consider several thing before we jump to conclusions about weird evil Aliens from another world or dimension, California is notoriously weird anyway.
Creepy ClownCreepy Clown
Creepy ClownCreepy Clowns

Mystery surrounds appearance of frightening EVIL CLOWNS


Whoever or whatever these Clowns are they really have been creeping out not only the residence of the towns in which they appear, but also the entire world because now people in England and Europe are reporting on them.  I am sure the Local Police will like to have a few words with whoever or whatever they are.  We understand that it is getting close to Halloween which is the time of spooks, goblins and witches but this is just a little too creepy for the kids as well as the adults too.

Reports of Mysterious Clowns Terrorizing People

I remember watching one time a movie about Aliens from another world who decided to invade the world dressed as harmless clowns, but they too were very creepy.  I think the movie was called, "Killer Clowns from outer space".  Perhaps these guys are in fact invading aliens from another world.  It is somewhat of an ineffective manner of sneaking into our world since they stand out like a sore thumb and creep everyone out.  The police are swamped with calls from local residence reporting these clowns.

WATCH: Mysterious clowns appear at night in California city

I also remember watching the well known movie of the 1970's called Warriors.  The story took place in New York City and involved street gangs.  The story followed the Street gang, the Warriors and their travel through hostile rival gang turf trying to make their way back safely to their home turf of Coney Island. Along they way they encountered these rival gangs, who each seemed to have different types of distinguishing uniforms or costumes, one of which dressed as creepy clowns.  Perhaps this is where the California Creepy clowns have gotten their inspiration from.

Now I am not sure about California, but in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and States like those, it just might not be the smartest thing to do.  Creeping around in the dark of night, dressed like a "creepy clown", masking your identity and scarring the hell out of adults and children.  Most of us in these states do carry guns.  In these days of uncertainty it might not take too much to get your ass shot by a citizen out of fear.  Try scaring the wrong young Mother with her child in hand and she just might shoot your ass full of lead, and rightfully so.

Seriously though if this is just pranksters having fun at Halloween time, which I suspect it is, they do need to be very careful as to what they are doing, because the general rule with anyone who does carry a concealed weapon legally, which many people do, is that person will not allow anyone to get within arms distance from them who they are uncertain about.  Considering that it is out of the ordinary for grown adults to behave this way, especially in the dead of night, on a dark street.  If one of these creepy clowns were to approach me,  my weapon would be drawn and aimed straight at them.  I would of course make all attempts to warn them off,  but if they did intrude on what I consider my safety zone, that is “within arms reach of me“, then I would not hesitate for a moment to shoot them.  I would make all conscious effort to shoot them perhaps in the leg, but if my life is treated then I may not have time to be so precise as to where I would shoot them.  I would have no alternative but to shoot at center mass. 

The unsuspecting citizen simply does not know what the intentions are of a masked man whose is behaving in an abnormal manner.  Especially if that citizen is in the company of their child or grandchild, we just simply could not take the chance of some unidentifiable person getting close enough to overpower us, kill us and abduct our child or grandchild.  It is our primary responsibility as Parents and Grand Parents to protect them since we unfortunately have to live in a  world full of crazy psychos’ with ill intent toward others and especially toward woman and helpless children.

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