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Conservative Celebrities in Hollywood
by Randal M. Bundy - 25 March 2015
Conservative Celebrities in Hollywood
Yes, it is surprising that there really are Conservative Celebrities in Hollywood.  Admittedly there are a not many but they are alive and well and their numbers are growing.

I was speaking at a university event, not far from Los Angelos and afterward recieved a visit from a celebrities "personal manager", who introduced himself and mentioned the name of the celebrity.  He told me the celebrity had asked him to come see me and ask "would I be kind enough to meet the celebrity himself?"  Of course my answer was, "sure".  

In the auditorium where I was speaking was one of those old theator type of auditoriums that accomidate a few "Exclusive VIP overlooks" where celebrities and well known people can enjoy the play, event or in this case me speaking to the audience, and not be  sitting down with the generalpopulation.  This is common among celebrities so they are not mobed or annoyed by endless photographs being take and request for autographs.  It is completely
understandable and if I could reveal his name and the others in his party, you would understand why it was necessary.

So I went back stage to meet him and the others in his party.  Two of whom are also  well known celebrities, all of whom were what are refered to as "A list of the Hollywood Stars and Celebrities".  They were all three very nice people as was their spouces who were also with them and surprisingly I found out they were all conservative in their political views.

I was chatting with one of the female star, who has been in quite a number of movies that I myself have enjoyed.  I asked her why there were so many leftist-liberal types on the Hollywood scene.  She said that there were actually not nearly as many as people think but that most of the producers, directors, casting directors, writters and other key people apparently are.  Apparently it is common knowledge among everyone who is conservative that it is better to either "pretend to be leftists" or just "pretend to be "Non-Political" all togeather, instead of being "blackballed" and out of work.  That too is very understandable as people's careers and livelyhood are on the line as well as their family's well being. This too is the reason why I can only wish I could mention names here but out of respect for them and their kindness to me they must remain annonimous.

So I have learned that it is truly a small bunch of radical leftist types who seem to control most of what does come of Hollywood.  Apparently they black-ball anyone who is conservative.  Of course there are some producers, such as Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson who could be themselves considered Conservative and are in a possition where they can openly be conservative without fear of being out of work.  These are the ones who are already pretty well set and if they retired tomorrow, they would not suffer one bit, considering royalties.

I was also invited back to one the home of the female who I had been speaking with.  She was the lead star in a TV Serial from that ran from 1998 - 2004 and yes she does live in the Hollywood Hills.  I still which re-runs of that particular serial on Netflicks.

The others of course were also there as were a few othera who although I recognised their faces, I did not know their names.  I did recognise them from TV Serials and Movies, but since Hollywood Celebrities were never an interest to me, I had to ask several what their names were, which brought on some laughs and "thank-yous" for not being a paparazzi.  The dinner guests included husbands, wives and children in attendence.  The party turned out to be very nice and a fairly quiet event of playing pool and drinks of course, but really not at all what I would have thought of the Hollywood crowd.

I must admit that they seemed, at least toward me to be authentic and down to earth people.  Now these were "the Conservative Branch of the Hollywood Crowd" and I gladly accepted their invitation to return the next time I was in L.A. or San Francisco or anywhere close.  At first I did feel a little uncomfortable around them, as one would expect but I found these folks are actually pleasant to be around.  However I really don't think I could stand to be in the same room with any of the well known "Leftist Branch of the Hollywood Crowd" that we all seem to hear more about.

I am appreciative to them for their hospitality and my new found friendship with them and my introduction to "the Conservative Branch of the Hollywood Crowd".

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