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Confederate Flag Demand Has Alabama Company "Absolutely Wamped in Business Sales"
Owner says, 'We're getting tons of overseas orders as well. We're going as fast as we can'

Belinda Kennedy, owner of Alabama Flag & Banner in Huntsville, Alabama displays a Confederate flag
Belinda Kennedy, owner of Alabama Flag & Banner in Huntsville, Alabama displays a Confederate flag
        When the controversy over the Confederate flag erupted last month, the owner of a Huntsville flag company said her business would make the flags even if no one else would.  And that's apparently what's happened.  I'm not aware of another company in the United States making these flags, said Belinda Kennedy, owner of Alabama Flag & Banner, in an interview Thursday.

Dukes of Hazzard Car Leads ‘Eight-Mile Convoy’ in Florida to Support Confederate Flag
On Sunday, approximately “4,500 people” took part in the Florida Southern Pride Ride. Participants included people “from as far away as California” who came to show their disdain for the various attempts to remove “Confederate flags [from] public buildings throughout the South.”
Florida Confederate Flag 8 mile Convoy

Memphis City Council Would Rather Focus on the Civil War Than Its Current Problems

Petition Launched to Rename Virginia’s Jefferson Davis Highway

HBO’s John Oliver Takes Aim at Alabama High School for Rebel Mascot

Jim Webb sticks up for Confederacy...

AMAZON nixes rebel flag, continues selling Nazi memorabilia...

Authors may need to change covers...

WALMART sells Castro, Iranian flags...

Many memorials to Confederates, other slave holders: What happens to them?

New Orleans mayor says time to tear down statue of Robert E. Lee...

Group demands removal of confederate site in Orlando...

Film critic calls for 'GONE WITH THE WIND' to be banished to museum...

Time to remove Jefferson memorial too?

Those calling for the Confederate Flag to be removed or banned from view are in fact consumed with their own racial hatred and are the Racists and anyone who goes along with their demands are cowards and Quislings who refuse to realizze or admit that just like giving in to any Terrorist Demands, it will not stop there and will lead to more Rediculous and Unreasonable Racist Demands.
- Randal M. Bundy - 25 June 2015

Ben Jones

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In honor of the Men and Woman who fought for The Confederacy, I have posted here several music videos which commemorate and honor thos men and woman who fought for the Confederacy during that Glorious Struggle against the Tyrannical Federal Dictatorship.

First a very nice rendition of
an old Confederate Song sung by Therese Langemyr of Norway.
Southern Soldier Boy

Enjoy also this song of the Confederacy by Waylon Jennings

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