Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015
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Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
Collaberators and Traitors

In dealing with Callaberators and Traitors it is a very delicate, sensitive and complex situation and one that can not be handled easily.  We are talking about our own citizens who may be guilty of these offeses, during times of war, rather it is declared as such or not.  There are many factors which are involved and I can try to cover some of the basics that might be involved in what should happen to those who are guilty and what will undoubtably happen unofficially or as a result of revenge toward them by their own fellow citizens who may have suffered at the hands of either a tyrannical dictator who ruled the country or by a foreign enemy who invaded and occupied either portions of the country or the entire country.

Another possible scenario could be a Race War or a Religious War, both of which will be wars of genocide against you and your people.which does at this time in the United States
It must be first and formost the policy when dealing with suspected Collaberators that their fate must be left entirely in the hands of whatever leadership or higher command there is.  There is always the possibility that those who we think are or were callaberators or Traitors may have been working all along for the Resistance itself and under their leadership and instructions.  They may have been spies for the reistance itself in order to obtain vital information useful to eventially defeat the enemy. Officers and Senior NCO's must be briefed on this and they must afford all necessary protection for those suspects.

If a subject was determined by higher command to have been a genuine Collaberator,
well history and tradition tells us of what will most likely happen to them.  We can learn from history in France after World War Two. Considering the circumstances I think the actual pushishment of the woman who were known or discovered to have been collaberators who provided "Comfort" for the the Nazis and German Occupation Troops actually recieved quite a mild form of punishment for their crimes against their fellow citizens.  There were of course much more sevear pushisment issued for those whose crimes were more sevear. There was consideration given to the fact that many of the woman providing "comfort" toward the nations enemy were simply doing the only thing they could do to feed themselves and in many cases feed their families and children.  So in that respect the French were compasionate toward them.  However they were publically shamed with having their shaved heads shaved and many did serve jail time.

During the same World War Two, the British did believe they might be not be able to repeel an all out German invasion of their Island. There were serious and very extensive plans and preparations drawn up for the evential British Reisistance which included Guerrilla Warfare against the Invading and Occupying Germans troops.  Included includied plans of the usual sabatage of the German War and Occupation Effort.  It also included assasinations of colaberators under certain curcumstances.  The fate of calaberators, rather Life and death would be decided by the Military and executions would be carried out most likely by the Guerrilla Forces or the Resistance itself.  

Circumstances such as the discovery of one of your own citizens fighting along side the enemy rather they were party to attrocities committed or not, well that person's fate will most likely be a swift bullet to the head unless vital information could be obtained from them which could be useful to the Resistance.

In the same catagory might also be paid informers, who it was deemed did not have to serve in order to feed their families or themselves. They would have been able to survive without having to turned in their neighbors and countrymen.  These people's will be particularly despized by the populous and their pushishment will most likely be a bullet to the head so as to prevent their future successful operations against the Resistance or any citizens who might accidentally speak privately against the enemy forces. Thes Spies and Traitors within the populous could very well cause more death of loyal citizens that the traitor within the enemy ranks and wearing the enemy's uniform.

However again it must be left up to the higher command of the Reisistance itself because there is always the possibility that someone who appears to have been a traitor might very well have been a member of the reiststance and simply playing the part in order to obtain information vital to the reistance.

Even during a Race War, there will be callaberators and traitors depending upon your enemies actions. There may be a few people who for some reason believe they themselves will be rewarded for the betrayal of their people.  Of course if your enemy is successful in their race war, these people will most likely be exterminate by the very same people they served.