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Describe the Proper Form of Government - Part 1
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Cliven Bundy & the Bundy Ranch of Bunkerville, Nevada
Videos and Commentary

I consider Cliven Bundy as one of the, "
Voices of The Patriot Resistance" and I am adding this page of his videos and commentaries which I have accumulating.  

The Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada has recently gain much news media attention as well as world wide attention and admiration because of the brave Bundy Family Members, The Cowboys and the Militia, all who stood up against against the Tyranny of the BLM (Bureau of Land Managment) and ultimately the Tyranical Dictatorship of Barack Obama and the Federal Government under his comtrol.

It is these types of Brave Patriots who stood up to the Tyrannical Dictator, King George which lead to the American Revolution and ultimately ended with the Freedom of the people of America and the Founding of the United States as a Republic.  

I want to reasure all of my fellow Patriots who are on the Front Lines of this Patriot Resistance, just like the Bundy Family of Nevada is and their Allied Cowboys and the Militias, "The Resistance is Everywhere! The Resistance is Right Now!  You are the Resistance!  Fight the Tyranny, Fight the Dictatorship!  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is your guidance". - Randal M. Bundy

Why is the Constitution an "Inspired" Document? Can you Describe Our Current Situation?

What Do you think about the U.S. Constitution?
Can Our Government Problems be solved?

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