Cincinnati House of Doom
Chapter 5 - Professor Catherine Darning
 - by Randal M. Bundy
Copyright 2017 by Randal M. Bundy - (Permission is granted to reproduce excerpts for the purpose of editorial review as long as the copyright and ownership is attached)
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Cincinnati House of Doom and Professor Catherine Darning
by Randal M. Bundy  Copyright 2017 by Randal M. Bundy
(Permission is granted to reproduce this in particalial for the purpose of editorial review as long as the copyright and ownership is attached)

Catherine Darning was a stunningly beautiful 32 year old woman
in 1912.  She was also very intelligent, hardworking and was a History Professor at the University of Cincinnati.  She was also an ambitious Business Owner who somehow had managed to incorperate her love of Business with her personal interests, study and Research.  That was of course all things related to "Paranormal Activities", "Supernatural Events", "The Occcult in General", "Psychic Abilities" and of course "Ghosts and Hauntings".  

At that time in the early part of the 20th century the Popularity of of these unusual and very interesting subjects was  very high in European and the United States.  
Professor Darning was involved in not only the studies, research and all activities involved but she was also giving Classes on the subject and sponsored lectures and "Spychic Readings" by others at her BookShop she owned located almost directly across from the entrance to the Univeristy.  

I first became aware of her history in Cincinnati when researching "Police Incident Reports" as they related to "Old Unsolved Cases" or what is called "Open Cases".  
Professor Darning's case and the circumstances surrounding her and The House of Doom in June of 1912 was beyond just weird sounds and unexplained events.  The whole matter  was involved events that was regarded by some as "Other World".

As a "Paranormal Investigator" for Catherine Darning, it was only a matter of time before she heard the many stories surrrounding the House of Doom.  To add credability to these stories, the sources were actually Police Officers who patroled the areas around the House of Doom.   Catherine made friends easily with everyone she met and These Police Officers were especially fond of her and also protective of her since she was also a business owner in Clifton as well a Professor the University.

The House of Doom was very well known to the Police and Public as well at this time.  Clifton was back then and still is a University Community.  It had always been a place where young with such interest are naturally found.  Catherine Darning employment as a University Professor afforded her the opportunity to both establish her own business and research in this facinating field of endevour that she truly loved as a "Paranormal Investigator".  It also provided her with an endless supply of material for her University Classes and Lectures in dealing with History.  She was very cleaver to  casually incorperating the subjects "The Paranormal" into classroom lectures and spike interest among her students.

She decided and planned to partake of an adventure and investigate of The Haunted House, which we now call "The House of Doom".  But she failed to investigate with the local police department to find out complete details of events relevant to the house. Had she done so she would have found out that it was certanly no place for a woman to venture into any time of the day and especially in the Dark of Night.  She will eventially come to regret this error and what will forever change her and her Predictable World.  

When the police received a report from neighbors of a "hysterical woman half crazed" screaming outside of what they called "The Cursed House",   of course they were unprepared for what they found. Apparently some of the responding Police Officers knew Catherine Darning since she was a business owner in Clifton as well as a well respected  Professor. She was a scholar who was beautiful with full thick Auburn Hair. But what they found surrounded by concerned beighbors, shivering in fright on the front porch was an aged and haggard woman with white hair who looked to be twice Catherine Darning's age.  At first they didn't recognize her.  

The only thing she was able to convey to them as to what happened her repeated words, "the house is dead but something is alive in there...something very horrible and evil".

Catherine Darning was temporarily confined to a mental ward for observation.  Although she was able to leave the mental Hospital, she was never the same.  What followed turned out to be years of therapy and an inability to continue her academic profession or her business or even her formerly Beloved Paranormal Studied and Research.  She retired on disability from the University and never spoke of the incident or the Paranormal ever again.  She was however   pursued regularly by Reporters and Journalists but she refused to grant any interviews. She died 22 years later at the at the age of 54.

Although she did Physically
survive her ordeal inside the House of Doom, in reality she never really left that house.