Cincinnati House of Doom
by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2017 by Randal M. Bundy
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This is the rough draft of my book, "Cincinnati House of Doom" . I know very well there are spelling and gramatic Errors.  It has not yet gone to the editor.
Chapter 1 - The Third Floor and The Portal  to Hell
Chapter 2 -
The Realestate Agents
Chapter 3 - The Professor of Geology
Chapter 4 - Police Detectives Kenrick & Wallen.
Chapter 5 - Professor Catherine Darning
Chapter 6 - The 7th Day Adventists
Chapter 7 - The Painting Contractor
Chapter 8 - The Little Boy on a Rocking Horse
Background of the House
This house is NOT "Make believe", it is real.  The house does exist and rather it is Haunted or as many believe, it is possessed, the fact remains, it is NOT a place that anyone should want to willingly venture into.  Many people have learned over the 176 year history of what has over the years been called, "House of Doom", "House of The Cursed" and "House of Hell".  

To demonstrate my seriousness and sincerity of this I dedicate this book to all of those who willingly entered this house but
were never seen or heard from again.  No traces of those missing have ever found. Of those who were somehow able to leave or more accurately  escape from this House, I think it would be reasonable to say, in the end. they never they really never did leave.  Or it could also be percieved that the House never really left them.  Either way, the Survivors of this House were Profoundly changed forever.
It's an old house in Cincinnati's Clifton-University Gaslight-District area. The House is complete with secret passageways designed by the original owner and built by the original architect. It is a 3 story mansion, plus attic and was built at a time when America was truly wealthy and the house reflects that incredible wealth in cost, Style and Artistic Beauty. However it is in serious need a paint job and major repairs. The woodwork, the Masonry, and Architecture, the landscape garden all were designed and build by Artists of the time who were from Europe. However The house truly creepy and is certifiably Haunted, if there is such a thing. The house had been completed being built in 1841. A search of the County Records as far as I can tell have never revealed the architectural plans. Which explains many of the mysteries and secrets of the house that have never been revealed.

One of those bizarre mysteries is How to gain entry to the Third (3rd) floor. Entry to the attic is through a separate and open staircase but leads directly from the 2nd floor by-passing the third floor all together and goes directly to the attic door. The basement is easily accessible but what is NOT apparent is that their is a Secret "Sub-basement" that leads to "Who knows Where". The design of the basement is such that one would never know the "Sub-Basement even exists. The same as the third floor. From the outside of the house looking up at the house, you can easily see the third floor windows which have Crimson heavy curtains on each window but from inside there is a sort of an unapparent confusion in which you never realize the third floor is even there. It is a sort of deliberate altering of perspective and is NOT obvious or apparent. Added to the fact that stumble upon the secret method of gaining access to the third floors would be near impossible by chance. I knew the owner of this house back at University in 1974. He himself had never lived in the house and admits their is no way he would even attempt to actually live there. He admits that he has entered the house one time as far as he can recall as a child and again when he actually inherited it from his father. That one time as a child and again when inheriting the house so completely put a scare in him that to that day that he took me and a fellow researcher of the supernatural to the house, he would NOT enter. He did however explain to me the mysterious and hidden way to gain entry to the third floor. My University friend had inherited this mysterious house from his father who had also never lived in the house either as a child or an adult. As a matter of fact No-One since the original owner and his family had actually lived there. The family was incredibly wealthy and there was and still is a Trust Fund that managed the estate. The grounds were always well cared for but the problem had always been to actually hire Contractors to do any work on the interior of the house, such as Painting the walls and up-keeping the house from the inside. They would in the beginning agree gladly to take on the job but usually after after not even an hour, they would vacate without explanation except to say, "they would never return no matter what they were paid". My friends Father had inherited the house in 1946 after returning from the second World War as a young man. He had ambitions and intent on fixing the house up, restoring it to it's once beauty and living there. Now he was brave in the Army during the War and he had seen horrors of that war. So after his the will and probate had finished and the house was legally his, he decided he was going to put to rest once and for all, all of the silly stories of Hastings and grown men running from that house in fear and horror. He was going to attack that house in the same manner that he attacked German machine Gun Nests during the War. After all he has received a medal, a Bronze Star for his Heroism and Bravery so there was no fear in him, ever. Well he got as far as the foot of the hidden stare way which led up to the third floor and he NEVER never entered the house again and never explained why.. This house has been owned by the same family since it was built in 1841 by the original owner who died at the age of 68 in 1877 and no one has dared live their since that time. The house was truly haunted by something or someone. - to be continued - I will explain how the third floor is mysteriously cut off or hidden by a secret passageway so that a person could not possibly discover the entry way on your own. The only way to know where it is and how to gain entry is by having some who knows tell you. I will write about the 3rd floor.


The third floor, ohhhh what a creepy place and how absolutely frightening to walk up that secret staircase. The first thing to realize in the last time I could muster up the courage to even enter this house was in 1974 but I have researched in constantly ever since, of and on of course. Going into the house on the the ground floor, through the two over large doors which are made of old and very thick oak. Inside you view the house and you see the pealed paint completely worn of the walls and it lays on the floor. Remember when earlier I said that no Painting contractors would stay inside the house longer than about 1 hour? Or for that matter any contractor attempting to provide upkeep to the house. It was ass though the house wanted to die a very slow death. As you stand there in the from room right inside the house you see that this is the main ground floor room. It is like the Living room but looks more like a ball room. Their is a chandelier on the ceiling which is about 15 feet in height from ground to ceiling. Looking over to your left you see a grand staircase that goes up to the second floor and curves to the center somewhat. On the walls you can imagine where there were perhaps Paintings of the family back when the house was occupied by the original family. But now the walls are just blank. You can see that the walls are formed in old fashion manner with thin wood strips across support beams and plaster pasted onto the boards that fill the gaps and spaces between the wood strips. The banister is hand carved and of a wood that is probably oak. Remarkably after over 150 years age it is still in solid state although their is no more shine or polish on the wood. Before you walk up the stairs you look directly in front of you and you see two large doors about 25 feet in from of you separated by a wall. The two doors are open as though the house is saying, "Come on in my Foolish Friend". You walk up the steps and the wood creaks. The banister is solid and does not give any way as you grasp it in fear of falling through the steps, into who knows what might be lurking below. You know what you are looking for and that is what you are here to explore. The third floor is your quest. If you survive that then the rest of the house will also be explored. You know that the entry way and method to the third floor is secret and concealed intentionally. The only way you know how to gain access is you know the inherited owner who himself dare not even enter the house. He told you the secret that no one else knows. The third floor is not accessible through conventional means. In other words it was designed to fool the uninformed. There you are at the top of the stars on the second floor and directly in front of you is another staircase leading up to what you think is the next level, or should logically be the third level. However you will find out that it is NOT. You walk toward that staircase and look up. the staircase at about 15 or so feet curves to the right and beyond you do not see what lie above. You walk up those stairs and curve to the right and find yuur self walking up another flight of stairs and come out into a large open room and you are surrounded by windows and the the room is brilliantly light by natural light. Almost Blinding you.

But what you realize when you look out one of those brilliantly light windows is that you are staring out of the window 4 floors above the street level. You are NOT on the third floor, you are in the attic, the 4th floor.

Somehow this weird house has taken you from the Second Floor to the 4th floor. What happened to the third floor? You walk back down those long and winding and confusing steps back to the second floor. You remember now what you were told of how to get to the third floor. So you standing in a very large room, probably half the size of the ground floor. Around you are windows on the front wall and 2 doors toward the back. you walk into the door on the right and you are in what would have been a bedroom. the room is large and the ceiling is high. On the right are 2 doors. You open the first and see that it is a closet door. You walk to the second door by the window and you see that it too is a closet. However on the right side you see a rope cord hanging from a light and you pull on the rope and the light comes on. Then you notice against the closet door on the right a hard to see small switch and you lull it toward you. The back of the closet opens up and before you and in about 2 feet you see a flight of stairs about 5 feet wide before you. You have discovered the stairs to the third floor, that mysterious place which most people are never intended to travel or explore. Look up the stairs you see windows covered in Crimson Curtains and Darkness with the only illumination being the light from the second floor window next to you and the closet door. A cold breeze travels down the steps and a cold chill travels up your spine and you feel that cold chill even in the ends of your hair on you head.

well goodnight all and whatever you do, if you know where this House of Doom is in Cincinnati DO NOT ENTER IT. The Police would be you last concern because even they will NOT enter this house and the inherited owner of the house will not live there but what does reside there would be your first concern. To this day ever since 1974 I still have nightmares about this house. This is all a true story and nothing of it is fabricated.


You will absolutely love the details of how the how was built to conceal the third floor and the weird way to enter the concealed stare case. This is actually a real story folks, it is NOT imagination at play here. The house is real, the story, the concealed stairway to the third floor. I will see if I can get a picture of the house, that still stands vacant to this day. The grounds and exterior are well kept but when I was there the interior wall paint was peeling bad because to the day they can not get any contractor to actually do the work inside. Just entering the front door and standing in the main room and looking around is the most creepy thing I have ever experienced. To this day just writing about standing in that sop send cold chills up my spine and tio the hair on the top of my head. Actually going up to the third floor is an experience a person would never want to repeat...ever. I am probably one of the only few people to have actually made it that far into the secret chambers of the house and that was only because I had someone with me. The Sub-Basement is simply unbelievable and both the third floor and the could NOT make this shit up folks.

and then there is the actual history of the house and the original owner and his family.....ohhhh my god.

I do hope to finish writing it. I am keeping it completely accurate with no embellishment of the facts and details. A real Non-Fiction and a true ghost story to creep everyone out.


The House of Doom and the Realestate Agents

Many Real Estate Agents through out the years excitedly tried their hand at trying to sell this house. The Trust Fund that handled the affairs wanted to sell this house since the early 1920's but to no avail. Oh sure in the begging many people were interested even when the asking price was way too high. Over the years though of not being able to actually finalizing the sale and closing the deal the asking price dropped, dropped some more to the point to where you could practically sell it for one dollar but when even the real Estate agent themselves would not be willing to enter the house after their first inspection to show it to prospective home buyers, the odds of actually selling it were next to impossible. People are NOT going to buy sight unseen and they are definitely not going to buy when the real Estate Agent herself refuses to enter the house and insists upon staying only on the front porch.

There were some brave or foolish Real Estate Agents who did manage to muster up enough courage to actually guide people into the home. However of these few who did, accounts indicate they did not even last long enough to look upstairs to the 2nd floor of which the staircase to the second floor leads from the main room off the the lft side of the house. Both the Real Estate Agent and prospective Buyers vacated and both would not explain why. From that point on, probably in the 1960's every real estate Agency in the Greater Cincinnati Area knew about this Haunted House and no one would accept a contract to handle it. So from that point on the house just sat there without a for sale sign. The taxes were paid by the Trust Fund each year, the Lawn and Exterior of the house was maintained and No one but a few Brave or very foolish psychic Researchers made the mistake of thinking they could take on this Haunted House. There were even reports of missing Adventurers who were believed to have ventured into "The house of Doom, which became it's unofficial name during the 1970's.

The House of Doom and the Professor of Geology

Sometime during the early 1990's A Professor at the neighboring University of Cincinnati visited the House of Doom with his graduate Student Assistant and some of his students. Their goal was to conduct "HIGH RESOLUTION GROUND PENETRATING RADAR of underneath the front and back yards. They gained an easy approval from my friend the owner.

although they could not scan under the actual house what they did find very deep was a series of what seemed like natural caverns or caves that all seemed to lead underneath the house and come out on the other side of the house. The house had been built on top of Caverns and Caves that at the time must not have been known to even be there. Did this have something to do with the "Sub-Basement". Was the owner of the house digging perhaps to establish a drain off and break through to ceiling of a Never before discovered cave?

Imagine building your house directly on top of old caves that neither you nor anyone else knew was there. Perhaps your digging in your basement one afternoon to pay drainage pipes and break through the ceiling of this cave. These caves could very well have run for miles and miles under the city of Cincinnati. Perhaps even coming out into the Ohio River which runs through the city of Cincinnati and is downhill from the House of Doom. Perhaps these caves were centuries ago known by ancient inhabitants of the area. Cincinnati was Settled in 1788 buy the European's but centuries earlier it was inhabited by American Indians before they were known by any individual Tribal Names. They were the Mound-builders. No doubt this cave and series of Caverns were their at the time they inhabited this area.

So this could very well be the Sub-Basement or basements that along with the 3rd floor were concealed from being found by any casual visitors to the house during the time the original family lived and resided in this house. Back in those times, 1840'2 through the 1920's and beyond socializing was a big part of life, especially since without TV, Radio, Movie Theaters, well when not working or chopping firewood, I guess you sat on the front porch listening to bird chirping or you visited your neighbors. People often are very curious and inquisitive so perhaps if someone has something to hide, they do so with secret passageways or sub-basements of which the entry way is designed to not be accidentally discovered.


Notes:  Maybe it would even add to the creepiness of the House of Doom if I dedicate to book to all of those who ventured into the house and never came out. Ohhhh creepy. I really don;t have a name for the book yet, never really got that far beyond actually researching all the weird, strange and creepy things about the house. The Houses Real name is NOT "House of Doom". That's just what I referred to it once when Lou and I both visited the house and both of us were sort of Frozen in Fear at the bottom of the steps leading up to that third floor. I when Lou said to me at the bottom of those steps,"What the Hell" to which I replied, Hell? This place is the House of Doom.

I think I will when completed with the Book I will reveal the actual name of the House which is the Name of the Family name Original Builder and owner. It is actually still owned by the original family descendants, so they may not want their name attached to the house. The House and Property are managed by the Trust Fund, as far as the Lawns Groomed, Bushes and Trees Trimmed and all other maintenance on the outside. The taxes are paid, but of course none of the descendants will actually even enter the house, let along actually live there. They can not even get a realtor to enter the house or even panting contractors to go inside. One Contractor back in the 1930's is on record of accepting a contract with the Trust Fund Management Firm and went inside. After not even an hour inside where he began scraping the walls of chipping paint, he ran out of the house with his ladder and paint scraper in hand, never to return.

House of Doom photo - subject of a book I am writting - photo take earlier today

The house sits off the road and is only partially visible from the road. If you live in Cincinnati and you stumble upon this vacant house be forwarded, enter this house of doom at your own risk. It is more than just haunted. To Quote a woman who regretted her entering the house and surviving to tell the tale, "The House is Dead but something lives within, something Horrible and Evil. go to my page to read the current details.

I can't sleep because just rethinking about this Clinton's "House of Doom" just creeps me out so much, even after all these years. So I will write a little more of the facts which I will incorporate into the book I am writing on this subject. As mentioned before this house was built in 1841 or there around and the original owner died in 1877. For sometime afterward his two sons and a daughter did live in the house but all moved out sometime before around early 1880's Exact dates are uncertain as back then records were not that detailed. Weird things with the house began occurring after the Father's Death, It is not known when his wife had died but it was prior to him. Not much is known of the son's other than the family line continued through all three children and up to the present time. The children did try to sell the house but even back then strange things were happening with the house and no sales ever occurred. The house has sat vacant ever since early 1800's. There have been many police reports also pertaining to the house. Most were reported by neighbors of strange things happening and strange sound coming from the house. Back then Clifton was a separate community from Cincinnati and they did have their own police department. Believe it or not Police Reports from Cincinnati and surrounding Communities do still exist in archive. These records can be viewed but usually by advance request as the old boxes have to be located in Court House Basements. When these communities became annexst into the Cincinnati city, their records were transferred first to the Cincinnati Police Department and eventually to the Country Court House. That is unless Police Reports end up in the Unsolved Cases and they are housed with the Cincinnati Detectives Department. There are Police Incident Reports indexed by this particular house which is referred unofficially as House of Doom. From my research I did long ago, it appears as this house has been active with paranormal things for a very long time. The happenings seem to begin in the 1880's but records only seem to exist back as far as around 1910.

House of Doom and Police Detectives Kenrick & Wallen.

The first recorded Police Report I find indicates a history with this house that were such that necessitated a Cincinnati Police Detective in April of 1910 by the name Detective Francis Kenrick.

There had been a number of reports filed of screams being heard from this house and the house was on record as being vacant for at that time 30 years or so. Kenrick and his partner, one Detective Wallen visited the house according to their daily schedule with the department to investigate as a result of a rash of disappearance in the community over the past 3 months. . It was "a hunch of Kenrick's that the report of screams may have something to do with the disappearances. The next day there was a report that the two had not reported back in the after their shift had ended. So the Police dispatch uniformed officers to the site of the vacant house to investigate. According to the reports the Junior detective Wallen was found inside the door about 20 feet from the entrance and according to the report, "he was severed in half" and the two parts were approximate 10 feet apart from each other. The senior Detective Kenrick was found in the back of the house inside the area of the back door and he was alive. However he was what the report says was incoherent and in a high state of confusion and agitation. His gun, a sidearm had been discharged and was empty of any rounds. He had no blood on his but his finger seem to have been scraped down to the bones in his fingers. His gun had been found approximately 15 feet inside the house from the back door. The door was unlocked at the time. Detective Kenrick was hospitalized at a mental hospital and was medically disabled and was never able to give any clear and understandable account of what happened. Medical examiners performing autopsy on the body of detective Wallen were never able to provide any theory as to what could possibly have happened to him or what weapon or instrument could have cause such a death. Dectective Kenrick committed suicide in the mental ward about 7 months after this incident. There was never any conclusion offered and this case is still considered an Open Case.


House of Doom and Catherine Darning

The next case I found interesting in the police reports beyond just weird sounds and missing people:  - June 1912.
Katherine Darning was a Paranormal Investigator. Even early in the century the Paranormal was very popular as was the Occult and matters of Psychic Ability and Ghosts. This House of Doom was very well know at this time and Clifton was a place that people with such interest gravitated to. With the University close there was a natural interest within the University youth. Catherine Darning was 32 years old and she taught as an Assistant Professor but her true interests were the paranormal and she also maintained a book shop and employed a psychic to conduct readings for the young university students. She decided to partake of an adventure and investigate the Haunted House, which we now call House of Doom. But she failed to investigate with the local police department to find out any information hing relevant to the house. Had she done so she would have found out that it was no place for a woman to venture into in the dark of night to gather material for her University class the next day. She will come to regret this slight mistake of hers.

When the police received a report from neighbors of a "hysterical woman half crazed" screaming outside of what they called, "The Cursed House" of course the were unprepared for what they found. Apparently some of the responding Police knew Catherine Darning since she was a business owner in Clifton as well as a well respected Assistant Professor. She was a scholar who was beautiful with full thick brown hair. But what they found on the front porch surrounded by concerned neighbors was a haggard woman with white hair who looked to be twice Catherine Darning's age. But they did recognize her. She too was temporarily confined at a mental ward for observation and what turned out to be years of therapy and an inability to continue her academic profession and her business. She was unable to convey all of what happened to her but was able to scream the house is dead but something is alive in there...something very horrible and evil. She retired on disability from the University and never spoke of the incident and although pursued by Journalists she refused to grant an interview. She died 22 years later at the at the age of 54

The House of Doom and The 7th Day Adventists

On July 20, 1929 there is an article written by a new and young Reporter Edith Snyder who had been working a summer job at The Cincinnati Times-Star'. She writes
about an incident that occurred at the House of Doom located in Clifton which was at that time part of the city of Cincinnati' The report comes from two elderly female members of the 7th day Adventists who were canvasing the Area of Clifton knocking on doors and handing out literature of their new church here in Clifton. They walked by the house and walked up the dirt driveway to the front door. They used the brass door knocker that hung on the door. A thud could be heard from outside. In a very short time the door knob turned and the door gently swung open. Inside in the door way was a beautiful woman of about 25 years old and a little female child of about 5 clinging onto her leg. The woman had blond hair and the little girl had the same blond colored hair as her mother. The woman had a pleasant smile on her face and the child seem curious but of course a little shy as did not let go of her mother's leg. The woman greeted them with a pleasant sounding hello. The 7th day advent ladies took note that the woman appeared to be dressed in "Old Fashion" Long Ballroom Type of Formal Gown, perhaps of the fashion of 50 years past. However the material was NOT old and appeared to be brand new. They really did not give too much care to this detail until later. After a short Conversation the elderly ladies extended an invitation to the younger woman of the house to visit their church and of course her child and rest of her family too. The elderly ladies said their goodbyes and with a pleasant smile the lady of the house and child stood on the front door with her child still clinging to her leg as the elderly ladies walked down the stone pathway to the dirt drive way. Upon reaching that spot they both turned around for another glance of the house and the woman and child were still standing their to give one more waive and then as they turn around to reenter their house both mother and child walked into the house by way of the door but she did not open the door and the door had not been open to her by anyone else. The door was still closed as both the woman and child proceed to walk right through the door. Needless to say this upset the elderly ladies who reported this incident first to the Newspaper "The Cincinnati Times-Star's new young Reporter Edith Snyder. They also visited the local Cincinnati Police Branch Office in Clifton to report this strange occurrence. To which the Desk Sargent informed the two ladies they must have been having a conversation with ghosts because the house had been vacant for at least his entire life. That's right he said, No one resides there, at least not anyone alive. Although "The Cincinnati Times-Star's Reporter Edith Snyder tried researching as much as she could she could never come up with any clue as to who the woman and child were.

The House of Doom and The Painting Contractor

Andrew Redmond was a veteran of "The Great War" as they called it back then. Now we call it World War 1. He had returned to the States on January 27, 1919 on a Confiscated former German Ship which was called, The Black Arrow. 10 years after that horrific experience of Trench Warfare he was now a Painting Contractor here in Cincinnati. His Platoon Commander, during the War was also from Cincinnati, Lieutenant Michael Harris. Harris was living also back in Cincinnati and since he had graduated from the University he applied to and was accepted to The University of Cincinnati College of Law. He graduated with honors in 1923 and was recruited by one of the cities oldest Law Firms, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister. The Law firm handled the Trust Fund of the Family that had always owned "House of Doom", and they also Managed the Maintenance of the House itself. This is how Andrew Redmond, Painting Contractor was given without even a bid submitted, the Job of Painting the entire inside of this old mansion in Clifton. His Platoon Lieutenant had always taken care of him 10 years ago during the war and he was also taking care of him now when jobs were very scarce. The Lieutenant told him if was going to be a difficult job, and would take quite some time. The Trust Fund was just glad to get the house painted so they could hopefully sell the house and get it off the records of the Trust Fund. So Andrew Redmond, Painter showed up at the old house on Monday Morning at around 9:00 am to get started. He met by a woman from the law office, Nancy McGregor who managed this and other properties which were part of trust funds the law firmed handled. She gave Michael Harris the keys to the from door, what they call an old skeleton Key, which is not made any more. He though it a little odd that Nancy had refused to show him around the house but just said he could go ahead and get started. She had some paper work to do for about an hour and a half before she would be leaving. . Andrew's plan was to begin everything on the grown floor. He would begin scraping and preparing the walls for a new coat of paint. So upon opening the front doors, which were enormous, he moved his old wooden step latter into what must have at one time been the Main Hall, or living room. He left the front door open with a stone he had found in the from edge of the building and proceeded to set up his latter and begin to scrape the walls. However Andrew did not last in the house even an hour before Nancy McGregor who was siting in her vehicle and making logs in her file folder about the property, was started by the screams of Andrew Redmond rushing out of the house through the front door. Nancy got out of her car and asked "what's Wrong"? Andrew's words were shaken but said he was NOT going back in that house no matter how much he was paid. The Law Firm wanted to keep all of this quiet so they paid Andrew for a days work, even though he was not even in the house for an hour. It was apparently Nancy McGregor who leaked to a reporter of the incident, but not for free. She apparently was fired from the Law firm several months after the incident and although she was forced to sign an agreement to never divulge any information about the house, she contacted her friend at the local newspaper. Apparently the Law firm still had hopes of selling the house and getting it off of their management records. The Description of events experienced by Andrew Redmond inside the house was learned by the reporter for the paper quite willingly by Andrew. He also signed an agreement not to talk but for a day's labor, he was not really willing to pass up a chance to tell his story. Beside the paper was willing to pay his what would have been about a months labor for the details.

What Andrew had described occurred that day was the most frightening thing the reporter had ever heard. Andrew had been inside the house with his wood latter open and his paint scraper in hand. He was standing on the second rung of the latter against the wall of the house facing out toward the front front. He was working with the inside of front wall. He was against the right wall just next to the door that led out into the entry way of the house. He was scraping paint when he heard toward his left direction what sounded like something bending or like rubber being pulled. He said he couldn't describe the sound any better than that. He looked to his left and saw what appeared to be the tattered and peeling paint area which was about 8 feet wide and from the ceiling to the floor

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The House of Doom and the Little Boy on a Rocking Horse
 - Photo attached little boy in Rocking Chair

One Incident Report that I recorded was when I interviewed on September 17, 1987, The Lawn Care guys who were mowing the back yard. Usually the only activity they are exposed to outside is flickering light from a window as though from a candle but no candle is visible. Or strange sounds being heard. This particular Lawn Care Company had been taking care of the grounds and the employees had worked for this company many years. So they all are very familiar with the strangeness of the house and the things they might see. Of course they were told to long ago to never entered the house, no matter what. On one particular day of heavy overcast skies, about 11:00 am they began to mow in the back yard. I say, they because policy with this weird place was no one was ever left along in either the back yard or the from yard, rather they were mowing and especially when trimming bushes and low hanging limbs. The reason was because they had numerous employees who immediately walked off the job in quieting when an employee had to mow the back lawn by himself. The back yard is an isolated and creepy place on the property full of shadows. The Boss easily got permission to put 6 men on the job instead of the standard 2. This way when 1 man was mowing in the back yard, two were just standing there to watch over him and each other ass well. The all sort of hovered together within about 6 feet of each other. In the back yard there is an old Cast Iron Door which leads into the basement and ultimately into the depths of the sub-basement as well. Even with three people in the back yard, 1 working and the other 2 sort of standing guard over each other, they have always been strange sounds coming from that basement. The Basement locks from the inside. Often the workers see and hear the cast iron door raddeling and banging. Of course no one would ever go anywhere near it and the weeds have sort of grown up taller in and around that basement door. One day to the shock and horror, that ancient cast iron door was wide open. Which meant someone or something from within would have had to be the one to open it as there was no way to open it from the outside. None of the workers, who by now were vary familiar with the stories of the House of Doom could imagine anyone being so bold or foolish enough to actually venture into the house willing and going into that basement and opening that door. Absolutely No one has that amount of courage or foolishness. The were standing probably 20 feet from the door and none of them could actually see down into the depression and the bottom where the steps leading down end at the level of the basement. They all together walked slowing, carefully over to where they could see down the stairs and into the darkness below. What they saw was a little boy of about 5-7 years old dressed in fashion of By-gone Era and was sitting on an Child's Old Rocking Wooden Rocking Horse, right at the foot of the stairs but inside the basement. He was half in shadows and was rocking back and forth but he said not a word as he rocked back and forth and gazed up the stairs and strait at them with what the workers described an "Emotionless Death Gaze". One of the more Brave members of the work crew looking down at the child said, "Little Boy, What are you doing in there". The child said nothing but just stared at them and continued rocking gently back and forth. They could hear the creaking of the Wood of the Rocking Horse as the child rocked back and forth and they could feel the cool wind blowing up toward them from the basement. The could also hear the wind slightly whistling around the basement. They could smell the musty odor of the basement and suddenly they were all startled by the Sudden slamming of the Cast Iron Basement door shut. Each of the must have jumped back at least 4 feet in their shock. Well that day the trim work never got done in the back of the house as the 3 crew members ran out from behind the back of the house and along with the crew members in the front of the house loaded up their equipment as quickly as possible and vacated the property of the House of Doom. They would return of course next week as scheduled but none would go anywhere near that basement door again. They even brought a blue Tarp with them when they did return all together laid the blue tarp over the entry way to the basement and secured it with stakes in the ground and Stone Bricks on stop of the tarp for extra security. From that point on they experienced no more from the basement Entry Way and the Blue Tarp never appeared to be disturbed.