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Chelsea Clinton on Hillary’s Foreign Donations: ‘Possible Conflicts Have Been Addressed’
Chelsea Clinton, "My Mommy is the Bestest Mommy
in the Whole Wide World"

Chelsea Clinton

Ok Folks, Chelsea Clinton Really did not say that,  I was just having a little fun with this entire sharade. Really folks what is a daughter suppose to say regarding her mother like Hillary Clinton who has ambitions to becoming "Queen of the United States......Oh I mean "President of the United States"?  

What Hillary Clinton would like for all of us Americans to do is accept things vague and nonspecific and just go back to watching TV Reality Shows, which are not really reality shows at all.  Hillary would like for all of us to Not ask any real questions since it is obvious she is not going to answer any hard questions at all.  Remember her testimony in the Senate Investigation of the Begazi matter whenshe is quoted at saying, "What does it matter now" and threough out her entire testimony she was combative with the Senators who dared to ask her difficult questions, that she was going to lie about anyway.  Hillary has racked up so many lies that she may even have more accumulated that Barack Obama does.  Certainly she has been at it a lot longer that Obama has.  Remember she was a key player ion the Senate Investigation of Richard Nixon for his impeechment procedings and was fired for lying and unethhical conduct.  Just like her husband Bill Clinton, she has been well qualified to be in politics becasue she a compulsive liar.

How absolutely rediculous and humourous to put your daughter up in front of the national media as a charactor witness for you.  What else is she expected to say?  So I used the following quote,

"My Mommy is the Bestest Mommy in the Whole Wide World"!
and all parents will be familiar with those words whcih every child would probably say when they are just too young and inexperienced to know what reality is.

None of us would actually expect her to tell the truth about what her mother and has always been. No of course not. Chelsea Clinton will always portray her mother as an angel here to save the downtrotted and persecuted.  She may in fact be one of the only people who would, after all she is expected to.  My question of course is where in Bill Clinton and his support of Hillary?  I haven't seen him out there campayning for her.  Perhaps Bill's speaking fees are a little too high for even Hillary to afford.  What you say? Well of course these people always attend speaking engagements for payment.  You really don't think they all just show up at campaynes for free, do you?

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