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Randal M. Bundy

Canada and Gun Control, No Guns for Anyone NoCrime, Right?

The last weeks Islamic Terrorist Attacks in Montreal and Ottawa demonstrate why I assert that the right to own and bare firearms is the right of all mankind, not just Americans and the Swiss.  Canada is no exception and the have the right to defend them selves.   Yet for some reason the people in Canada have been convinced by leftist-Socialist-Anti-gun types that Canadians do not need to defend themselves.  Well we now see that particular type of thinking is absolutely absurd and erroneous and can also be downright deadly for many people in the near future as well.

The Law bidding citizens are suppose to just Trust the Police, Military and Officials to protect them?  Well so I need to remind the Canadian Citizens that although the Terrorist attack upon the Capital and Legislative Officials, who was it that protected them.  That's right a Law Bidding Citizen who had the authority to own and bare a fire arm.  I also remind the citizens of Canada, unlike their officials that day, the citizens can not afford to have armed security travel with them wherever the go.  Why is it that Canadians tolerate a government that feels it can not trust their own citizens, yet they expect you to trust them.  As for Tyranny and Dictatorship, there was a time when people in the USA said in argument against private gun ownership, Tyranny and dictatorship as well as Terrorist will never happen here.  Well it is happening here and mark my words it will happen in Canada too.  The weeks past events were actually a wake up call to the Law Bidding Canadian Citizens, gone is the old Canada that use to be.  Just like the United States of the past in gone for every.  

I assert that people in all countries must also wake up to realize that these Constitutional Rights we in America do have spelled out right in our Bill of Rights should also be demanded by them from their Government Officials.   Yes even beloved peaceful Canada, you too have the GOD given right to be able to protect yourselves.  Throw off the useless and ridiculous chains of the Leftist-Socialist influence in your own Government.  Take Back your GOD given rights as Law Bidding citizens. You too can be trusted to make rational decisions regarding your own protection.

If just one Canadian Citizen had been Armed on that fateful day when Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed while Guarding the Canadian Capitol Building, they perhaps it could have prevented him running into the Capitol Building.  Of course the actions of the Sergeant-at-Arms is commendable and he was able to stop further loss of lives.

However the next Terrorist will learn from the failure of the Terrorist who failed.  You and I know for a fact that even Canada is NOT immune.  They will target unarmed and helpless Canadian Citizens.  You and I also know that you must be able to defend yourselves because the Terrorists are at war with citizens as well as the Police and Military.

Surrendering your GOD given rights leads to Surrender and Surrender Leads to Submission and if you are willing to accept submission, they you might as well all become Muslims.  Word Islam translates into English and French both as "Submission" and more precisely "The Submission as a Slave".  I know that neither the Quebecois nor the English would ever accept the title and destiny of a slave and bowing down with their asses up in the air.

Liberate yourselves by first demanding your rights as Human beings.  After all your government officials work for you, you do not work for them.  It is your money that pays for their salaries, pensions and their lifestyle.  

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