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California - Land of the Crazies
One Big Lunatic Asylum - Caution Insanity is Infectious

I've concluded long ago that California is truly, "The Land of the Crazies.  There is in that state the highest concentration of Crazy people per capita than anywhere else in the country.  You won't necessarily find them just wandering around aimlessly on the streets talking to themsleves or shouting out at unseen entities, or yelling at you while you are just trying to make your way down the street to your job. You can also find them in the halls of state government agencies preteending to actually run the place.  

I'm not saying that California is the only place you'll find thes types of Lunatics, as they also seem to have congregated in various other east coast states.  Those states have always been inhabitted with a clear majority of leftist-liberal types and sprinkled  with a few of the Crazy people to make things just a little more interesting.  

However California is definately a land of the Crazies as well as the Homeland of the Leftist Liberal Types.  As a matter it has been said by some of the normal and sane Californians that entire state could just be considered one big Lunatic Assylum".

I have spent considerable time in California and I know for certain it is in fact "The Land of The Crazies".  In my youth I spent time in Santa Barbara, a seaside town along the Coastal highway.

I also spent time in Hollywood and by chance did appear in a Hollywood Movie.  Although it was only a very minor role with no speaking part, it did inspire to be continue on as a fill in for other films as well.  Of course since I was just a fill in, always in the background I didn’t get paid very much and received not listing in the credits, but I was there.  You might have seen the long, blond-red haired guy walking past the leading star or the photographer on the peer photographing the Ocean. 

Of course not all of California is inhabited with Crazies and generally the true crazies can be found wandering the areas such as San Francisco and of course Berkley’s Telegraph Avenue. You'll also find them in Los Angelos’ Hollywood Sunset Strip.  I've also spent time in both Berkeley and Hollywood and in all these mentioned places for some reason I end up being invited to paid speaking engagements even these days. 

I may criticize the Hollywood Elite, the California Liberals and make fun of what I call the Left Coast Mentality and California Crazies but I do in fact love California for it's uniqueness and geographical landscapes.  It is truly a very beautiful state.  However if you do travel there do exercise severe caution in the big cities and never go there pursuing an acting carrier unless you have financial means of support and be prepared for may heartbreaks since very few people ever really do achieve even a minor role in any films or even as fill-ins as it is a competitive industry run primarily by people in a "Click". 

If I was more financially secure I would love to relocate there, perhaps in Santa Barbara again, where I would be close to the action without actually living in Los Angelos.  As for living in Hollywood, well no one actually lives there.  It is generally where you will find some of the studios and few of the agents.  As for Beverly Hills, well forget about that unless you can afford to lay down a few Million for a cheep dump to buy and even the Property taxes would be unaffordable except for perhaps the 1% wealthiest.  However you will find the Crazies concentrated in California enjoying the sunshine and warm weather as they wander the streets aimlessly and hopelessly lost.  Sometimes you'll even find them in local and state government offices as well.