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Defiant Nevada rancher faces armed federal agents in escalating confiscation standoff
Clive Bundy Farm

Patriots of the Bundy Family of Bunkerville, Nevada
and all Who Stood With Them

by Randal M. Bundy
New American Revolution Is On
'The citizens of America went and took their cattle'

Armed Nevada Militia Takes up Possitions overlooking Federal Troops of the BLM and Federal Troops Surrender
Nevada Militia at Bundy Ranch
Historic! Federal Authorities Forced to Surrender to American Citizens at Bundy Family Farm in Nevada
Please Note: 
I should not have to say this but just so that people do not misunderstand. I will make this as clear as possible:  I am NOT a spokesman for the Bundy Family of Bunkerville, Nevada nor any other Branch of the Bundy Families, although it is absolutely true that I do support the Bundy Family of Bunkerville, Nevada in this conflict between them and the US Federal Agency known as the BLM.  Therefore what you read here in my comments is entirely my own opinions as an individual and is not meant to be construed as any sort of official statement for anyone else or any other Branch of the Bundy Families. - Thank you Randal M. Bundy

As an American and a member of one Branch of the Bundy Families,  I am very proud of the Bunkerville, Nevada Bundy Family which has demonstrated their Patriotism toward the ideals of our founding fathers of the United States.  Their family patriarch is Mr. Cliven Bundy (Pictured Below)

Cliven Bundy
Mr. Cliven Bundy - Patriarch of Bundy Family of Bunkerville, Nevada

Most of the Bundy Families in the United States are in fact all related and are descend from the original Bundy Family who were among the Original English families who first ventured to the American Colonies long before it was even a country.  The Bundy Families first arrived in the American Colonies from England around 1630.  There were two distinctive Branches of the family, both related and one branch settled in the Northern Colonies of the Massachusetts Area and the other Branch settled first in Rhode Island but shortly migrated south into the area known as "the Carolinas" and later became North Carolina and South Carolina. That Branch became known as the Southern Branch and their Patriarch, William Bundy, was an Attorney, Land Owner and what was referred to in history books as, "Ancient Planter" meaning one of the original Farmers of the New World. He also later became an elected member of the First House of Burgesses of the Colonies, which was an early version of the House of Representatives.

Throughout the centuries many of the Bundy Families have been Farmers and Ranchers, just as Cliven Bundy is today.  From the Carolinas some of these families migrated out into other states, including the western states.  My branch migrated to Kentucky around 1795 and as generations of my family grew, many of them also migrated out to the west.

It was that second Bundy Family Branch in the Southern Colony of the Carolinas that most of the Bundy Families of today are descended from. They were certainly the largest and most distinctive branch.  Members of this Patriotic American Family with all of it branches have served in every single conflict and war that the United States has been involved in, from the very early time when they first stepped foot on this soil and it was only a colony to the present conflicts of Afghanistan and Iraq.  These Bundy Families have had members who have fought on both sides of the "Revolutionary War against England" and again during the "Civil War" or what we in the South refer to as "The War Between the States" or the "War of Northern Aggression".

The Bundy Families are as much a part of the United States as the Founding Fathers.  They have been here from the very beginning and the Blood of many Bundy Family members have, along with other Patriots of this Great Nation, on many occasions have been mixed with the soil in order to preserve this great country and it's freedoms and liberties for generations who have followed.

The Bundy Family members of Bunkerville, Nevada, their supporters who stood with them, including the Cowboys from neighboring States and the Militias from Nevada, Montana, Idaho and other states and all individuals who joined them in this Patriot Resistance are truly examples of the determination of the rugged individuals who have made the United States the Great Country that it is.  It is that same Spirit of the Founding Fathers that is manifested in each and every one of them.  We must also mention the various Patriot Groups who also supported them and were also in force at the 
Bundy Ranch.  These were the OathkeepersAlex Jones and Info Wars reporter David Knight who reported on the events and sent a news team to the Bundy Ranch.  I also want to commend the Various Militias who converged upon the Bundy Family Farm to provide security and support.  Additionally social media groups on Facebook were also very helpful in getting information out to the public:  Stand with The Bundys, Bundy Ranch on Facebook, Staff Bundy Ranch,  Support Bundy Ranch and may other individuals who were all part of the effort as Patriots.

Clearly the Patriot act of Resistance which the Bundy Family has demonstrated toward an Oppressive and out of control Federal Dictatorship is an act which our very founding fathers themselves would take great pride in their descendants for.  This present out of control Tyrannical  Dictatorship which regularly violates the Constitution of the United States which all are sworn to protect and preserve needs to be opposed by all free men and woman.  The Brave Actions of all these Patriots is an inspiration to all of us Patriots when they faced down the Tyrannical Dictatorship of Barack Obama and his appointed Cronies who run the numerous Federal Agencies.

Instead of going into details regard this Patriot Uprising, I encourage the reader to view the News Reports and watch the Videos in the right column and below.  Instead of standing on the sidelines, all should organize and resist the Federal Tyranny currently being perpetrated by Obama and his cronies.  The Bundy Families in Bunkerville, Nevada have shown us that we are all, "The Patriot Resistance" and we can take back our country.  Let the Constitution and the Bill of Rights be our guide and let the actions of our ancestors, the Founders of the Great Nation be an example for us.

News Reports Relating to this situation

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In an article Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada says regarding the BLM retreat from Bundy Ranch, Reid on Monday told KRNV-TV in Reno: “It’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”
Harry Reid himself is the biggest Law Breaker in the State of Nevada, but the FBI will not investigate because Obama and the Democrats have control over that Agency, the Justice Department will not prosecute because Obama has control over that department too.  As long as Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leaders continues to block any Impeachment of Obama, he can pretty well commit as many crime of fraud, corruption and insider trading as he wants without fear of prosecution or even an investigation.
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Keep up to date on all the News at Bundy Family Farm
Clive Bundy Farm and the Range Wars

Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens
at Bundy Family Farm in Nevada
Keep up to date on all the News at Bundy Family Farm
Clive Bundy Farm and the Range Wars

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