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Boycott Mexico
by Randal M. Bundy - 23 November 2014
U.S. Warns Citizens to Avoid Resort of Acapulco
I think ALL American should boycott Mexico by refusing to vacation in their country.  They are in fact an enemy state by their actions of being an accomplice to illegal aliens invading out country, violating our immigration laws and our National Sovereinity.  Mexico subscribes to the doctrines of Reconquista ("reconquest") which makes them our enemy.  Their goal is the establishment of Nation of Aztlan which they intend to carve out of sections of the South West United States.  Essentially what we in the United States will have at that time is a hostile established country of Mexico assisting in the conquering of portions of our country.  The similarity is so similar to the cases of both Vietnam and Korea in which both of those wars were fought by rebels who had a home base and support mechanism with a sovereign country sharing a  borders with the target country of the rebels.
above is the what the Aztlan Movement claims as their land.  Now it is also what Mexico would like to have back from when it was part of the Mexican Empire.  Now of course we all know that in a shooting war, their is no way that either Mexico or those who subscribe to the Aztlan Movement could actually take it by force. Of course we all have a pretty good idea what would happen if the Aztlan movement was actually somehow successful in aquiring it.  The Mexican Government would take it away from them and most likely use it as an area to contain the undeireables from Mexican Society.  Fact one is the Mexicans will not be willing to share power with descendants of the Aztecs.

This will be a race war created by those of the Reconquista ("reconquest") Movement, not by white, black or Asian Americans.  However they will be the intended victims.  Those of the Reconquista ("reconquest") Movement and the establishment of  the Nation of Aztlan openly proclaim this in their numerous doctrines and they have done so also in public forums as well.   Racial Annihilation or Racial Cleansing is what they intend for their victims will be those of European Ancestry (Whites) , those of African Ancestry (Blacks), and those of Asians (Oriental) Ancestry.  As mentioned this is all proclaimed in their doctrines and Mexico is a partner in all of this too although they have done a pretty good job so far by hiding it.  Those who are Americans and know about this also have failed to discuss the matter, I supporse out of fear of offending hispanic people but how more offensive can you be that those people who are behind this movement and those who fail in their duty to inform an ignorant population of impending doom, if they succeed?

Now it should be quite clear to all why I am calling for a complete boycott of Mexico and the sealing of our border.  Every dollar spent in Mexico and on Mexican Products a portion of which is diverted toward the Conquest of portions of our own country and the wholesale slaughter of our people.

In regards to the Illegal aliens who have invaded our borders, work in restaurants, and for lawn care companies, etc. and smile at us, most of them do subscribe to the doctrines of goals of Reconquista ("reconquest") and the establishment of  the Nation of Aztlan.    They have been taught this by their  families, neighbors and ancestors and by now in this modern era, it is ingrained in them, almost as a religion.  Some people might argue that many of these illegal’s do not even read and write Spanish and most do not speak proper Spanish either.  We just like communism, you do not have to be literate to to be taught it since birth.  

This doctrine of Reconquista ("reconquest") and the establishment of  the Nation of Aztlan. has been around ever since the Spanish invaded and conquered Mexico and central and south America and Mexico has long been the target of the same movement.  This explains why Mexico is a Partner in this goal.  Quite simply they are looking to get rid of some of their problems by pushing them off on us in the United States.

If the Reconquista ("reconquest") movement is successful then Mexico's problems with their Indigenous Tribal peoples will be partially solved by creating their own homeland and sending them all North.

- Randal M. Bundy - 22 November 2014

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