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Border Patrol and ICE Agent's Frustrations

by Randal M. Bundy - 05 August 2014

Border Patrol and ICE
I have a number of friends and acquaintances who are members of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and also ICE - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement so this puts me in a very unique situation where I can get inside information on the deteriorating situation with the Agencies they work for and the general moral of those rank and file officers.  Through out their careers protecting our borders and the American Citizens, they have all taken their jobs very seriously.  However at this time they are all aware they are fighting a loosing war, not because they are incapable of winning this war, but because Obama and his Cronies have turned traitors during this and have surrendered to the enemies of our nation.

The moral of these fine Law enforcement Officers is the lowest in American History and it shows in the faces of those officers who I have had coffee with and had off the record conversations with.  The only ones who seem to be in any way gleeful about this surrender without a fight, are those who are political appointees and Obama Cronies who are basically their to monitor and enforce the surrendering to the enemy, the drug cartels, the criminals who have been deliberately sent across the border to weaken the United States.

Speaking to these men and woman is like talking to Prisoners of War.  You can ask that Prisoner of War, how did they loose the battles and the War, how did they become captured by the enemy.  The answer if you were actually speaking to prisoners would be that their commanding officer surrendered to the enemy, even though the enemy stood absolutely no chance of winning against them, but the enemy had infiltrated the higher ranks to the point to where even their commanding officer was an infiltrated enemy and he simply surrender his entire command and all of the soldiers in his command.

This is what has happened in the case of not only these two agencies of the United States whose job it was to protect the borders and keep America Safe, but it is also what has happened across the entire board through out the entire Government.

To those members of these and other Agencies whose members are actually Patriots, who know exactly what Obama has done and know what his intentions are, I urge you individually to organize at the organizational levels, rather you call you organizations Fraternal Organizations like the FOP or if it's referred to as Unions, or just a Fraternal Organization of Former ......, organize and maintain your loyalty toward the citizens of the United States and the principles of what our Country formerly was.  You did not loose the War, the leadership in this country charged with winning the War failed in their jobs, not you.  You did not surrender and we understand that in these cases you were forced to follow the orders.

However you and I and every other Patriot knows that because of this situation that Obama has brought upon you and all of us, it will come to a Civil War within the United States.  We need you, your training and your experience and we need your loyalty toward our country.  We will be forced, as Patriots to first deal with the treason from within our own government and after that we will be forced to deal with the criminals and enemies of our people who have infiltrated our borders.  We need you with us.

Organize and be ready to do your part.  For the time being, you are our eyes and ears of the Patriot Resistance while you are on the inside. 


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