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Border Patrol Agent Assaulted By Illegal Alien
Severely Injured
by Randal M. Bundy - 07 December 2014
Border Patrol Agent
An incident on the border illustrates exactly how dangerous the illegals are who are flooding into and invading the United States,  An Illegal Alien apprehended attempting to infiltrate the United States has assaulted a Border Patrol Agent whose head injuries are considered severe.  The illegal alien should have been shot.  

This incident proves that just becasue the Criminal is not armed with a gun, does not mean he is harmless.  It stand true also of anyone armed with a dangerous weapon, which could be a knife, srick, Rock or even fists and feet can be deadly weapons. I am not condoning police brutality or police over reaction, but anyone who is a target simply becasue the wear a badge or if the are a soldier, must have the ability to defend themselves if necessary.  We would of course hope that when that need arrises they would use the minimum amount of force in which to render an asaulant unarmed and a non-treat.

This incident does illutrate the need for more border security and it also illutrates the need to (1) close the border all togeather until they have achieved this and (2) Deport ALL illegal Imigrants and I do not care one iona what their excuse is, the committed the crime and should be return from where they came.  Mexico does this as do all South American and Central American countries, why should we be held to a different standard that they are.

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