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Books Written by Randal M. Bundy
Most of these Books will be available soon on Disk for $5.00 U.S. (includes Shipping) - you can pre-order a reserved copy now at:
bundy@rmbnewsreport.com - see below indication of those available

01 - The Dark Parade - written in 1977 by Randal M. Bundy under the the pseudonym: Rudolph Neau Bundy and published in 1977 by Conquering Child Publishing Company.  The Dark Parade has been out of Print for many years and is considered a Rare Book and is very valuable, especially if it is a numbered first edition which there were only a limited 250 copies printed.  2 copies were given to the Author, 1 copy was given to the Publisher and 1 copy was given to the Printer and the others were sold.  If you own this book it is very valuable.  Two copies are still in the possession of the 
author.  In more recent times people violating copyright laws have published several books under the same name, do not be fooled by google searching as you will probably find reference to those copyright violators.
The Dark Parade by Rudolph Neau Bundy (Randal M. Bundy)   The Dark Parade by Rudolph Neau Bundy (Randal M. Bundy)

02 - Spies Lovers and Secrets - 1998 - out of Print - NOT Available on Disk
03 - Shadow Dance of The Puppet Masters - 1999
04 - Traitors at the Gates and the Masquerade- 2002
06 - Survival and the Coming Crisis - 2004 - Available soon = Reserve a Copy- bundy@rmbnewsreport.com 07 - Hitler and the Repeat of History - 2008
08 - White Genocide and Persecution - 2014
09 - Religion and the Lost Kowledge - 2015 - Work in Progress
10 - Unconventional Warfare - 2015 - Work in Progress