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Black Community Turns Against Obama
By Randal M. Bundy - 29 October 2014

For many years I have been speaking out in regard to the phenomenon of the Majority of Black people in the US voting for the Democrat Party.  If people actually examine what is called the Democrat Party Platform and the policies that the Democrat Politicians endorse, they will find that these issues the Democrats are behind are actually hurting not only the Black Community but all communities.

The Republican Party, "the Conservative Movement and the Tea Party Movement ARE NOT and I say again ARE NOT based upon race.  There are in fact many black people who are members of the Republican Party as well as the Conservative Movement and the Tea Party Movement.  However the Democrat Party Machine has found success in convincing the Black Community that the source of their problems are (1) White People in General (2) The Republican Party (3) The Conservative Movement and (4) The Tea Party Movement. Yet Obama has been in power now as a dictator for 6 years and the Democrat Party had complete majority in Congress for two years prior to his election.  Is the Black Community Better off now than before all of that?  NO absolutely NOT.  As a matter of fact they are worse off.  What people like me have been saying all these years is, if you target for destruction the Business Sector of Society and the Free Market Enterprise, then where the hell are people going to go to get a job?  Including the Black Community, which has been hit the hardest as a direct result of Obama's Domestic Policies.  In general the Democrat's empty promises of prosperity, which they knew they could not fulfill was just strategy of "Divide and Conquer", by creating Racial Tensions and Wealth Envy.   If you don't believe me, fine then perhaps you'll believe some of the Black Community Leaders themselves in the following video.
Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

We should all by now know quite well that the game the Democrats are playing is quite simply, "Divide and Conquer".  If they can keep those people who they think they can use, abuse, confuse and manipulate to cast their votes for them in exchange for hollow promises they really have absolutely no intentions or means of fulfilling, then they succeed.  At least for another political term in office.  These Democrats who I speak of are what we sometimes call Limousine Liberals.  They are really quite funny when they pull up to some political rally in their Limousines and appear in thousand dollar suits and speak to working class people and sometimes even poor and under class people about how, "They Really are for the poor people",  They want only to help the poor people, and tell you all about how they have devoted their lives toward the humanitarian causes they think you want to hear.  Then after they think they have secured your vote in the next election, they go back to their limousines which take them back to the airport to board their private jets and return to their overpriced homes in the wealthier part of the suburbs.

Their central strategy will always be to keep one group of Americans fighting against another group of Americans.  Since by now we should all know quite well that the Mainstream Media is biased in favor of Democrats so we can not count of them actually telling us the truth of any issue.  The mainstream media is nothing more that the propaganda branch of that Democrat Political Machine.

Now the actual issues and political platforms of the two parties is what we have to actually look at in order to understand what the difference between the Two Parties.  Most of the Black Families in America are really not much different that White Families in American in so far as what their core beliefs are.  It may to many as a surprise that the actual ambitions, goals, Religious and Spiritual Beliefs of both White People and Black people are pretty much the same.  My point is that I have found that most Black people share the same Conservative beliefs and values as white people, yet the leftist-liberal Democrats do not want black people to discover this secret, simply because it benefits the Democrat Party to keep them riled up at and fighting against people who for the most part are not at fault.  Think of it the same as Hitler having to create a "Common Enemy" for the German people as part of his accomplishing power, so he found the Jews to a suitable target.  That is exactly what the Democrats are doing and have been doing for over 50 years now, that I am aware of and most likely much longer..

The first group they chose was probably the Poor people against the rich .  It was the old class envy that initially found to be successful for them to manipulate.  Constantly manipulated one group against the other. They have just simply elaborated on their old strategy to include other groups.  These various other groups include Woman, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, and more recently the Homosexual Community.  The democrats even see potential voters in the Illegal Alien community and those desiring immigration into the U.S.  The democrats are right their making promises to relax immigration laws by what they call immigration reform.  In reality Immigration Laws do not need to be reformed, they simply need to be enforced and our border security need to be strengthened.

I mention that because the wild and out of control permitting of illegal’s and the amnesty the democrats promise will actually hurt the Black community, who desire jobs.  Additionally the general overall policies the Democrats are pushing for, such as Obama has done also hurt the All communities as well as the Black Community.  The central theme of Obama has been to demonize the Corporate and business world, yet who do people go to for jobs, to feed their families, pay their rent and pay their mortgage and hopefully sent their children to college?  That right it is the Business Community, the business owners.  The same policies that actually hurt the American Business owner, which is Obama’s intent, also hurts the Black business owners as well and those black entrepreneurs who might become very successful business owners and hire employees. 

The motives of the Democrat Party Machine is that the illegal alien represents not only Financial Contributions but future votes as well.  It is the same motive that drives their desire to have liberal and relaxed immigration laws.  Those outside the country wishing for immigration to the U.S. may not be able to vote, but they can contribute money to the Democrat Party Machine, regardless if that is legal or not.

In closing.I am encouraged by the great awakening of the Black population as to the manipulation of the  Democrat Party Machines.  All of the empty promises and the race baiting, the deliberate stirring of racial tensions and the deliberate hindrance of growth and improvement within the Black Community can only be blamed upon the Democrats themselves.  For the past 6 years of Obama’s Dictatorship and 2 years prior when the Democrats won majority in Congress, it is they who have accomplished absolutely nothing of value.  Their destructive policies aimed at the very core of our country have hurt all communities across the entire social spectrum, and the Black community itself has been hit the hardest.  The democrats for the past 8 years have focused their entire effort at destroying the Free Market Enterprise System and their relentless attacks upon the Republican Party, The Conservative Movement, the Tea Party, The Religious Institutions and Social Institutions.  We are seeing the results of their incompetence. - Randal M. Bundy - 29 October 2014

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