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COSBY ACCUSER ON REFUSING TO COME FORWARD: ‘I DIDN’T WANT TO LET BLACK AMERICA DOWN’ - Bill Cosby accuser Jewel Allison explains why she didn't speak up sooner
'I didn't want to let black America down': Bill Cosby accuser explains why she didn't speak up sooner with accusations against the comedian dating back to the 1980s
Bill Cosby and the Chickens that came home to roost
by Randal M. Bundy - 24 March 2015

Jewel Allison
You can call it karma if you're into new age phylosophy or you can just look at it simply as I do, "Eventially the bad things you do to people in your life will come back to haunt you".  Or you might say, Bill Cosby's Chickens have all come home to roost.  The number of female celebrity wann-bes who over the years were raped by Bill Cosby is so numerous and increasing daily that I can not keep up with the total number.  Make no mistake folks, it was "Rape" since most of his victims were incapacitated by drug spiked drinks.  They were raped while they were unconciouse.  What an absolute scum bag it is that would sttop to such low depts, while liveing on the false image of being America's harmless funny man,  family man and a model father and grandfather.  As it turns out he was all along ruled by with sex organ and his desire for young attractive woman.  Apparently also in his favour was the hope of most of the young wanna-be celebrities that their friendship with him would somehow or another give them the break they all needed to make it on the silver screen.

It is an old Hollywood routine which unfortunately has played out thousands of time before and since the very beginning..

If we believe what the woman in the above photo says, that she did not come forward about Bill Cosby's aleged criminal behavior before now, then what she is saying is that it's all about race. If we entertain that thought for a moment then a criminal should get away with any crime, as long as that person is black and particularly if that black persson is a high profile celebritysuch as Bill Cosby is.  

However I do not believe that is the case.  It's like in court when a trial attorney asks a plantif why they are pursuing prosecution and inevitably their response if a prestaged reply, "I am here so that no one else becomes a victim".
 Nonsense, they are there becasue they want their pound of flesh for the crimes committed against them.  They are the victim and justice should grant them revenge for the harm committed against them.  According to the law, they are entitled to it.  So this woman says, "she did not come forward early with allegations against Bill Cosby because she did not want to let the Black Community Down."  Again, Nonsense" Is she also saying that she would be fine with lauching a complant earlier if the assaulant had been White or Hispanic?  

This woman and people like her care no more about the black community that Jessie JAckson or Al Sharptin does or any more than she cares about the White, Hispanic or Oriental Communties in the United States.  Now don't get me wrong, I believe she should come forward as she has now done, although a little late in showing up for the party I might assert.

With as many people who are coming forward now I do not see how anyone could possibly disbelieve that all these years Bill Cosby has truly been a scum bag and sexual preditor of the first degree.  I believe it is pretty obviosu that he used his celebrity status to gain attention and contact with his victims.  I further do believe it is pretty clear that he also used that same celebrity status to silence his victims with perhaps money payouts or threats of some kind.  I do hope that he recieves the punishemet he deserves.

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