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Bill Clinton rides to The Rescue of Democrats in Arkansas but they are already doomed for defeat and he actually insults the Intelligence of the Voters he is trying to seduce.
by Randal M. Bundy - 07 October 2014
Even former President Bill Clinton acknowledges that "'Nobody believes' economy coming back...". Although Clinton was saying this was a tactic common among Leftists Radicals as a way "shame" the very same People of Arkansas who he is trying to convince to vote for the same Democrats.  Now the idea of Democrats like Bill Clinton actually insulting the intelligence of the people of his own home state of Arkansas is a typical leftist radical tactic used often by lefts to riducle the opposition.  I think the people of Arkansas as well as the rest of the country are smart enough to realize that this tactic is meant to insill within them a sense of self doubt, by insulting them. The people know for a fact that the economy under Obama and the democrats has been devostating for them personally. as well as everyone else across the country.  The polls shows that Obamas approval rating is at a historic low, and the rest of the democrats who have supported Obama these past 6 years share that blame as well.  The economic catastrophy brought on by Obama's policies has effected the entire country.  The "big shot idiot" Bill Clinton, who long ago abandoned his home state and people of Arkansas for the greener pasters of New York City and Washington DC will not be able to flim-flam thepeople of Arkansas, they are not stupid like Bil Clinton and the Democrats would prefer.  I seriously doubt that they are going to fall for Clintons typical Flim-Flamery now when they, like everyone else across the country have personally felt the pain of Obama's "deliberately economic destruction.  Bill Clinton's efforts to save Democrats from Barack Obama will fail.  You can not be on the team that has targetted you and your family personally and then be expected to cast you vote for those same people.
- Randal M. Bundy - 07 October 2014

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