Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014 by Randal M. Bundy
Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
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Big Cities will be Medieval - Get Out
Survival and the Coming Crisis - Big Cities will be Medieval Get Out
In the Big Cities there will be lawlessness, no food, no water and the streets will ruled by ruthless gangs.  The police and fire department personnel as well as all persons functioning as part of the infrastructure will have already abandoned the city.  The politicians, the wealthy and the upper elite will have already been long gone.  What will remain will be primarily the criminal gang elements and those who for some reason were unable to evacuate or simply refuse to leave for some reason. 
Crissis No Power
Food Riots
The living conditions in any big city will truly be "Medieval" by any standard with no power, now electricity, no communications and no food, since the stores will have already been looted and the shelves will be empty from the Food Riots which we all should know will occur emediately after the crisis begins.

Additionally unless you intend to eat whatever rats you can catch, there will be no wild game to hunt for survival and unless you know how to filter and sanitize water, you will have no water either.  If you wait until after the main population has evacuated then it will probably be impossible since the Criminal Gangs that do remain will have most likely be manning barriers over all possible exit routes.

If you are a woman by yourself or with children at this point then you will be in a very serious situation.  Even if you are a single man and trying to get out, you will most likely not make it through the routes which the gangs will have guarded.  At some point in the cities, those criminal gangs will most likely turn to cannibalism in order to survive themselves, so your only value to them, if you are captured will be potentially their next meal.  If you are a single woman, you can imagine what your value will be to them in addition to eventually becoming a meal in the near future.

If you were unfortunate enough to have lived in any of the big cities who imposed gun control or no guns allowed at all, you will most likely also be unarmed and their will be no weapons or ammunition for you to find.  You will be completely at the mercy of the savage gangs on every street corner who will now rules every inch of their Medieval Kingdoms.