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Big Brother and Your Children
by Randal M. Bundy - 17 October 2014

I read an article recently,
Parents can be held liable for what their kids post on Facebook in which a Georgia appellate court ruled in a decision that lawyers said marked a legal precedent on the issue of parental responsibility over their children’s online activity.  The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that the parents of a seventh-grade student may be negligent for failing to get their son to delete a fake Facebook profile that allegedly defamed a female classmate.

I do not disagree with the fact that the parents, if they were aware of what their son was doing, should have stopped it immediately.  What I do take issue with the legal system and the Politically Correct people of this country is that they have over the past number of years been sending Mixed messages to children and thus made it more difficult if not impossible for a Parent to excessive proper control over their own children.  Because of these interferences children not longer fear the parents.

I remember on one occasion being spanked and it was with a switch, that I personally had to go out in the back yard and obtain from a tree in preparation for this spanking.  That was truly a torment and the time involved before the spanking seemed like an eternity.  To this day I still remember it and you know what?  I now know that was the plan, the great anticipation and build up to the spanking helped to leave a very lasting impression upon me.  The actual spanking was nothing. It was over and done in a very short time.

You see our parents, grandparents and ancestors were very wise people and often they were disciplinarians because they did not want us to grow up to be criminals and spend the rest of our lives in a prison cell.  They also wanted us to grow up to be productive members of society. They  generally knew well how to deal with a naturally unruly child, which I was one myself was one of..  However maybe, just maybe that could be the reason that I did not end up in prison for the rest of my life and for the most part I have been self sufficient and a productive member of society and not dependant upon Government.

However that in this ay and age, that is the exact opposite of what this government of today wants.  It seems as though what the leftist-liberal types want is a society dependant wholly upon and subservient to government which keeps all those over paid political burocrats employed and busy shuffling paper around their offices.

The legal system and the liberal-leftist mindset have made it more difficult for parents to actually raise their children the way the parents know is best.  Most of the actual advocates for children rights, which is just a fancy way of saying the courts and government are undermining the authority of the parents. Most of those doing this do not actually have children of their own.   I truly wonder if this is why so many youths have grown up and ended up in prisons or drug addicts.  Plus the fact that many of them grew up in single parent households where there was no central figure, the father who was strong an authoritarian.  Blame the courts and the liberals for interfering and engineering with our society.

A fine example of not only the interference by government and courts where it clearly does not belong, is the birth control and abortion issue.  The Government and courts have instituted a system now where female child can obtain birth control without parental consent and receive abortions also without parental consent.  Yet when our children commit crimes, we the parents are to be held accountable, even though they have deliberately stripped us of our authority over children.  Some of the more unruly children have even boasted to their parents, "You can’t tough me, you can’t tell me what to do".  Where did they get that from?  The government, the legal system, the schools and social workers, all who are generally of the leftist-liberal mind set.  In my days as a youth, if I had uttered such nonsense to my parents, I would again be making that same trip out in the back yard to cut down another small limb from the tree.

It is the intentions people like Hitler, Stalin, Castro and all forms of totalitarian government system through out history to drive a wedge between parents and their children.  The modern day Socialist/Communists are no different, although they may refer to themselves as Liberals, Progressive and what we call leftists, they have an attitude that they, big government owns your children.  Indoctrination of our children is now an ongoing and blatantly open program and it is all centered on breaking up the family and eliminating their main competition over the minds of the next generation, our children.  For those who have never read the book, “Brave New World” by George Orwell, it is worth the purchase or watch the movie.  You can also probably find a copy on line.  Now back then when Orwell wrote the book, he being a leftist himself had written the book as thought Big Brother was the evil capitalist, right winger.  However we have seen now that all along big brother is a leftist, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Communist.

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