Be Prepared for A Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy - 17 August 2016
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By now every sensible American Citizen should already have several good reliable weapons for self defense and survival purposes. Personally I have more than "several". These weapons should should be (1) a reliable rapid fire weapon with large capacity magazines.  (2) For a side arm, I have a Glock 17 9mm but there are many other well suited sidearms that you may prefer.  My Glock has the ability to fire large capacity Magazines such as the 32 Round Mag.  Mine is a 9 MM which is standard with US military and has always worked well for me.  The bigger the round, the less the magazine will house and more weight you will have to carry around.  At least that is my theory.

I enjoying having both and The AR-15 - 5.56 mm and The AKMS which fires a 7.62 X 39 mm round (This weapon is what people are calling AK-47).  I also have an FN FAL 7.62 standard NATO round and is also known as a 308 caliber.  

For the average person, if you do not already have an AR-15, then buy one.  Stock up on ammo.  In light of the On-Going Black Racist attacks upon white people who just happen to be driving through an urban neighborhood when they decide to riot.  This is where you must have at least that side arm with you that I mentioned in your glove box, provided the laws in your state permit it and of course as long as you are NOT a felon or a mental case.

There are those who are warning of many different scenarios, all of which could very well happen.  Break Down of Law and Order, Societal Breakdown, Race Wars and Wars on our own soil by Muslims.  Make NO mistake Muslims will wage war against us if they think they can be successful.  Make NO mistake folks every Muslims on this planet sees any NO-Muslim as their enemy and we in the western world are right their on the top of their list.  Europe is finding out with great pain and suffering that what I have been saying for the past 20 years is True.

In addition to weapons and ammo, the individual and family unit should also have at least a 6 month supply of food.  Just the basic and life sustaining food needs is important.  Additionally medical supplies, above and beyond simple band aids.  Additionally of course along with a food supply, stock up on essential water reserves.  In emergencies nothing will be coming to your homes through the water pipes.  Be prepared to capture and store rain water in addition to having water purifiers and know methods of accumulating water in suburbs where their may not be any river, streams or creeks.

I am NOT trying to be an alarmist nor am I trying to frighten anyone.  However anyone who monitors the news and world events must themselves feel uneasy about the state of affairs in our country and the entire world.  Much of this has been deliberately orchestrate by the Obama administration and people like George Soros are financing the destabilization of our country and society.