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Barack Obama, "The Benedict Arnold Of Our Times"
Makes Surprise Climate Deal with China After Secret Negotiations
by Randal M. Bundy - 13 Novembeer 2014
Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold, American Traitor / Barack Obama, American Traitor

Russian and China are NOT our friends, never truly have been and a mentally ill Obama is making Secret Deals, Negotiations and Treaties without Participation of Congress and approval of the American People  is clearly TREASON

Obama has made some Secret deal with China which amounts to, The USA cutting it's carbon emissions now for a promise from China to cut their carbon emissions, "Sometime in the future".

What kind of negotiation is this?  Vague and unclear, non-specific on China's part and no particular timeline established and presumably no particular oversight involved? At this time in American History with an idiot like Obama in charge, China does not even really have to be sneaky,  clever, or even deceptive.  In fact they know that Obama is the weakest president the USA has ever had. 

Obama is most certainly a traitor and is the worst destroyer of America in our history.  Obama has done more to actually harm the U.S. in 6 years that any of our traditional enemies ever achieved over the past 100 years or so.  Obama is not finished yet though and we are now about to see over the next three months of the Democrat Majority in the Senate still run by Harry Reid, in which he has full intentions of ramming through as many Executive orders with his rubber stamp from Harry Reid and the Democrat Controlled Senate.  It is all part of his intent to PUNISH the American people for rejecting him and his ideology and Harry Reid is right their along with him in enacting revenge upon all of us.

Since just about everyone in the USA despises Obama, including much of his own democrat party, the only thing Obama can do at this point to win praise from anyone, is to sell out our country to our enemies in exchange for Obama’s Addiction to Narcissistic Praise and Admiration which he craves, even if it is all fake. 

Our own traditional allies are actually fearful of Obama and what he will do, because their asses are also on the line here too in view of Russia and China making international moves against them as well as The United States. 

Considering that Russia launches regular patrol of military Bombers off the coast of America as well as Britain and much of Europe as well.  Consider also China has blatantly become more aggressive toward their enemies of Taiwan and even toward Japan as well as toward South Korea, all because of Obama’s weakness.  It harkens back to the very beginning and immediately after his initial presidential election.  Do you remember when immediately after the election he was seen walking out on stage which was constructed with large Roman style Columns, as though he was some kind of “Conquering Roman Emperor“?  Remember when he went on his world wide Apology tour for all of American‘s supposed transgression of the past and present?   He visit with the King of Saudi Arabia, bows down to him and kisses his ring.  Remember that Image?  Obama might as well have kissed the Saudi King’s Ass and then Thanked him for the privilege, as it would have been equally as symbolic.  Remember when he visited with the Emperor of Japan, and again bowed to him?  Remember when he visited with the Iranians and was seen removing his shoes and praying in an Islamic Mosque?  Just like an unfortunate soul addicted to Heroin, anything he could possibly do to satisfy that Narcissistic addiction of his.  National Security does not concern him in the least bit, like that Heroin addict, the next fix is what is more important to him. 

The United States has NEVER in the course of it’s entire history been more shamed than on the day this fool was elected to office.

Now whatever Obama is doing, will do and whatever he has already done in regards to Secret Deals, Negotiations and Treaties can in fact be un-done by a Majority of Congress.  There are several ways to go about it, especially since the House of Representatives actually “holds the purse strings” and the Republicans holds the majority.  They can simply “un-fund anything Obama is doing.  However what they really need to do is, not only Impeachment, but file charges and convict Obama for treason.  We all know that he is and has been betraying the American People and our country by siding with our enemies, by secretly funding activity which is directed against our traditional allies and this entire surge of illegal aliens crossing our border at the same time that Obama is disarming our border patrol and reducing the size of the US Military.  All of Obama’s well purging of the Officer ranks of the Military and increasing the numbers of agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security which has effectively been converted from targeting  Muslim Terrorists who actually want to harm our country and people to targeting Obama’s Political Enemies and generally the American people themselves.

If the few remaining Democrats left in Congress who are in fact Loyal Americans would join ranks with the Republicans to impeach Obama, then all of this could be stopped.  Surely even they, the democrats understand that what Obama is doing is treason and will in the end also harm them as well.  It already has harmed them as we have seen in this past mid-term elections.  Furthermore Republicans actually have to grow a pare of B…s and become a little more aggressive, combative and bold.  Do it for the country.  The American people clearly are in favor of this type of action.  Clearly every military officer who has been purged from military by Obam is in favor of this action I speak of.  Clearly every border patrol agent and ICE agent is in favor of this, because they know exactly the danger that Obama is placing the country in by what he is doing in regards to border Non-Security: and “Amnesty for Illegal’s”.  I would only hope that through out the entire government agencies that there are people who themselves know, deep within their hearts, that Obama’s chosen mission on the earth is to destroy America and in time they too will all feel the effects of his destruction.

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