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This Riots, Civil Unreast and protests agaist the death of a man who had been placed in Police Custody is NOT really about the death of the man, whom most of the so-called protestors did not know and never met.  Like most of the protests we see are really spured on by the leftists agitators and so-called civil rights advocats and community leaders, all with their own special objects and goals.

Everyone should know and understand that Balimore like most big cities in the United States is now and has been run by elected officials who are liberal-leftist democrats and and in the case of Balimore it has been that way for 60 years, with only a one term non-liberal in 1963.  Additionally most of the elected officials are Black-American.  Yet when someone dies and the police have anything at all to do with it, emediately the shouts heard are, "Racism".  Hell if at all possible they even attempt to blacme White people for it and especially the Republicans, regardless of the fact that you'd be very hard pressed to find a single republican on any major city council anywhere in the large cities through out the USA.

What the problem is and has been for as long as Leftists-Liberals black or white who have ruled the iner cities for 60 or so years is they are in fact "A kiss of death for a large City once they get into office".  Take note of the inner city decay that has occured within the major cities such as Detroit and yes even Baltimore.  

From the very beginning the Black Leftist-Liberal Mayor of Baltimore and the political officials who run the city did not respond in a fashion necessary to protect lives and property.  Instead the mayor basically order the Police to "back off and let the thugs Racially Assault, destroy, loot and burn.   She and others as a political leaders are to blame for permitting the destruction of private property and businesses that were her responsibility to protect.  
Baltimore Maryland Race Riots

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Baltimore Race Riots - Race War in America
Baltimore Race Riots - Race War in America

Baltimore City Government - White Males Need Not Apply in This Leftist-Liberal-Progressive-Democrat-Black Run City
You'd be hard pressed to find any white male in any significant leadership or influencial possition of employment in this town.

It is worth noting that the Mayor of the city of Baltimore is a Black Woman, "Stephanie Rawlings-Blake".
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore
Caron Brace - Press Secretary to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake - Black Female
Kaliope Parthemos - Chief of Staff, Office of Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake - White Female
Colin Tarbert - Deputy Mayor, Mayor's Office of Economic and Neighborhood Development at City of Baltimore - White Male
Adrienne Breidenstine - Executive Director of the Journey Home at Mayor's Office of Human Services - White Female
Danielle Meister - Continuum of Care Coordinator, Homeless Services at Mayor's Office of Human Services - White Female
It is also worth mentioning that the President of the City Council is a Black Man
Bernard C. "Jack" Young
Bernard C. "Jack" Young, Preident of the City Council

a Majority of the City Council are Black-Americans, actually  9 in all. Noted also there are 4 woman on the council.  Noted also there are only 6 white people on council, just visit the city website and count the numbers.  Noted additionally the demographics of the Council President's Staff -
Carolyn Blakeney, Chief of Staff - Black Woman
Lester Davis, Deputy Chief of Staff - Black Man
Hosea Chew, Director of Administration - Black Man
Mary J. Demory, Executive Assistant to the President - Black Woman
Zoe Michal, Scheduler/Special Assistant - Woman, Unknown Race
Denise Schoolcraft, Administrative Services Assistant - Woman, Race Unknown
Kenneth A. Parker, Staff Associate and Aide to the President - Male, Unknown Race
Lia Lynch, Receptionist - A Black Woman
Frederick Gilliam, Aide to the President - Black Male
Desimoune (Desi) McCoy, Special Assistant -

Other people of Baltimore Government
Michael Huber, Business & Economic Development Specialist - White Male
Lester Davis, Director - Black Male
Emily Witty, Press Officer - White Female

Kara Kunst, Director of Legislative Affairs - White Female
Paul Plymouth, Legislative Assistant - Black Male
Natawna B. Austin, Executive Secretary - City Council
Liam Davis, Chief Clerk - White Male

Damion J. Cooper, Director - Black Male
Regina T. Boyce, Deputy Director - Black Female
Liam Davis, Neighborhood Liaison
Betsy L. Gardner, Neighborhood/Jewish Community Liaison
Charles Jackson, Neighborhood Liaison - Black Male
Danielle A. Laurenceau, Constituent Services Coordinator - Black Female
Susie Lang, Constituent Services Liaison - Black Female
Kenneth A. Parker, Neighborhood Liaison
Thomas Phillips, Neighborhood Liaison

Arinze Ifekauche - Public Relations Officer at Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office - Black Male

Larry Greene, Director
Jennifer Coates, Senior Legislative Policy Analyst
Richard Krummerich, Legislative Policy Analyst
Marguerite Murray, Legislative Policy Analyst
D'Paul Nibber, Legislative Services Analyst
Marshall Bell, Legislative Services Analyst - Legislative Analyst at the Baltimore City Council - Black Male

News Events pertaining to the Riots

Race Wars In America
Race Wars in America - Baltimore Riots
Baltimore Black Protestors Turn to Riots and Racial Assaults

Anyone watching videos of the Baltimore Race Riots, should by now understand completely why American society is armed and why our very wise founding fathers demanded the inclussion of the 2nd Amendment as part of the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights.  Those who are not already armed hopefully you see clearly now that eventially you and your family will not even be safe behind locked doors in your own homes.  Hopefully also you will set aside any of the leftist brainwashing you have been subjected to over the years and arm yourselves for the inevitable race war that is coming.  Those of my you who have already armed yourselves certainly will agree that you made a very wise decision to do so.  

Already, right now American society unfortunately cannot reply upon the police to protect them. That is no fault of the police individually or collectively, but is the fault of the Obama administration and all of his cronie burocrats and traitors he has placed into key possitions through out the government.  

We are now at the 11th hour and we have already past the point of No Return!  

- Randal M. Bundy - 26 April 2015

Baltimore Race Riots

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Balimore Race Riots

Baltimore Race Riots

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