Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015
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Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
Assasination Teams

An Assasination Team may consist of those who were in the past part of a Sniper Team but that experience obtained does not neccessarily qualify them to automatically be accepted.  The roles of the two teams are very different and require very differrent qualifications and training.  
There are similarities between the two but the assasination Team is under the control and guidence of the "Intelligence Branch".  This is beasue often the potential target for assasination, what is called "the mark" could very well be a civilian who is a collaberator working for the enemy and providing vital information to the enemy we are fighting.

Let me explain the reason for this.  It is the Intelligence Branch that is charged with the knowledge of who is working for us as spies and who may be possing as a collaberator.  Or the person who the enemy has as a spy may in fact actually be working for us.  In either case they could very well be very valuable to us and the long term effectiveness of our defeating the enemy.  We can not trust anyone outside of the Intelligence Branch to have any of this information.

This also explains why approval of any assasination of any suspected callaberators can not occur without first approval of the Intelligence Branch and authorization from higher authority.  Quite simply a mob can not be permittedd to take ot upon themselves to "seek justice on theire own" becasue they could in fact be killing one of our best inteligence assetts and patriots we had to fight the enemy and win. Officers and NCO's on all levels
must understand this and enforce this policy.  Enlisted soldiers will probably not have any clue as to how the war was actually fought and won, nor function of the Intelligence Branch and the use of operattives and  they be expected to either. Since no NCO nor lower ranking enlisted soldier would be authorized to act on such matters without first authorization from his emediate Officer then probles such as described should not occur.  The Officer himself could not athorize any such action and would know that such matters are not handeled at his level.  

The assasination team will consist of those persons who are willing and able to insure that their difficult job will be performed and they will have the ability when calleed upon to do so.  They will be trainind in a vast amount of technics and equipnment in which to achieve the end goal.  Usually these technics will be such that could consist of poison so as to desquise the cause of death or perhaps an accedent or under some circumstance it could be left without doubt the killing was an act of revenge for their participation as collaberators.  Regardless of the techniq used to accomplish the mission, the task must be quick and fast and as quietly as possible so as not to create any possibility of exposure of the team.

Operatives for the Intelligence Branch could very well be operating in almost any capacity and level of exposure to the enemy.  It will be the intelligence branch that will be seeking to establish it's eyes and ears in all areas to gather vital information for the Reisistence.  It could be that enemy officers and soldiers may be eating regularly at a local dinner.  That waitress at the dinner who serves them their food with a smile may seem to her fellow citizens as being just a little too friendly with the enemy may very well be those eyes and ears which I mentioned.  It will also be the responsibilty of the intelligence branch to provide a certain level of security for her after the war is over.  The general uninformed populous may very well seek vengency and retaliation against whom they thought was a collaberator.