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Articles by Randal M. Bundy about People
The Good, The Bad & The Naive, Lost, Ignorant, Uneducated & Stupid
Articles by Randal M. Bundy about People The Good, Bad & Naive including the Lost, Ignorant, Uneducated and Stupid
I've always said that over half of the population are insane, criminals or ignorant and uneducated who in some way either prey upon and or hinder the other half of the populous and society. Unfortunately some of them actually end up in positions and occupations of power and influence.  It is that group that more than often are a true danger to society and mankind.  This group mentioned are Burocrats, Politicians, Lawyers and Judges, celebrities and Stars who depending upon which category they fall into can be either a positive influence upon society and our country or an absolute negative influence.  It really just depends upon the politically alignment they choose. Below is a list of (a) - Those I like and recognize for their positive contributions to our country and society.  I have also listed (b) - the other category who I dislike becasue for their deliberate negative contributions and influence which are deliberately inteded to corupt and destroy our country and society.  Lastly I list (c) - those who I simply despise strongly for their ignorance and stupidity and who I see as collaborating with those of catagory (b).
Catagory A - The Good who I like

Catagory B - The Bad who I disliked

Catagory C - The Naive, Lost, Ignorant, Uneducated & Stupid who I despise

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