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Narcissistic Personality Disorder
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Arrogance of Obama - Narcissistic Personality Disorder
by Randal
Arrogance of Obama - Narcissistic Personality Disorder  
The person who is responsible for these death is non other than the current President of the Unites States, Barak Obama.  In the United States we have a mainstream media who refuses to do there job and report on anything negative about Obama, and beyond that they are even assisting in the cover up of the treason of the United States originating at the very top, none other than the President himself.

As Senator John McCain put it, ....response to the Benghazi attack may be a cover-up that’s worse than Watergate -  .....he deliberately left the Americans there to be killed, he refused to send help.  ......the worst case of cover-up or incompetence I have ever observed in my life.

If anyone wonders why an American President would do such a thing?  What could possibly be his motives?  I think it was because he felt that sending military help would somehow anger his friends in the Muslim countries.  Or perhaps it was advise from those of the Muslim Brotherhood who we know have infiltrated the State Department under the leadership of Hillary Clinton and the White house staff itself under the leadership of Obama.  Also perhaps he felt that a military response could hurt his showing in the election polls.  America should realize by now that with this man, Obama nothing else in the world matters to him, but himself being president.  A few Americans killed means nothing to him, victims of Hurricaine Sandy in New Jersey and New Rok means nothing to him, but a photo op to bolster his chances of re-election.  Lies upon lies mean nothing to him, volatiim.  The list of offenses by this megalamaniac go on and on.

The signs were alll there for anyone to see before the lection of 2008.  I saw it and so did others, but unfortunately no enough people had the know and education to recognise what they saw.  Consider for a moment what we have with people like Obama and Biden, 
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