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Anti-Jewish Attacks in Europe and the Islamic Source
by Randal M. Bundy - 23 February - 2015

The rise of Attacks upon Jews in Europe coincides with the rise of the Muslim Populations in Europe.  However the Mass media will not admit this and neither will the government officials.  They deliberately leave a void of blame which allows the public to remain ignorant about who the real perpetrators are.  In fact the same types of attacks that are committed by Muslims toward the native populations of European countries go largely unreported at all. 

The police are unable to cope with these crimes.  The government refuses to admit that they have created this crisis and also refuse to acknowledge they have doomed their countries,  societies and people to the beast of Islam who will in time devour all.  Police may kill a few and arrest some, but that will not solve the problem.  Harsh measures must be take to save the countries of Europe.  Laws and rules previously enjoyed by a free society can not apply to an enemy who is in fact an invading army.  It can not be extended to an enemy which is violating every Geneva Convention Rule that exists and every Universal Rule of Warfare in the treatment of civilian populations and prisoners of war.  Therefore to win, force must be met with force and if Europe is to survive at all, then drastic measures will have to apply toward the enemy.  After all it is not Europe who has started this war, it is the invading Islamic hordes who have.

When the French Resistance of the 1940's captured an occupying enemy, the solution to the question of what was to come of them was always very clear and easy to understand.  I predict that eventually my brothers and sisters of Europe will also come to realize and appreciate the lessons of the French Resistance in handling such an enemy. 

I reject any military scholar's opposing opinions who is sitting comfortably in some far away office in some well secured location and is never directly effected by what is happening to the rest of us,  our countries and our societies.  They are not on the front lines and they will be the last to suffer from the invading hordes. 

It was the same in the 1940's in France.  The only way to deal with a truly "Mad Dog" is to kill it.  If you don’t then that mad dog will kill you, your children and loved ones.  You will never be able to sleep safely at night for fear of that mad dog.  It should also be asserted that I am not talking about "Right Now".  What I am talking about and make use of in the word, "Eventually" and when I use the reference to the French Resistance, it should be clear that the actions taken by the French Resistance was after their country had been completely overrun.  The fighters of the French Resistance themselves came to realize that their enemies were "Mad Dogs".

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