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Anti-Semitism - The Word
by Randal M. Bundy - 09 February 2015

The word Anti-Semitism is often misunderstood because it is misused and even in some dictionaries it is s incorrectly defined.  I have found is such dictionaries their definition as, "Hostility to or prejudice against Jews" and of course in the literal definition, this is incorrect.  Now to some this point I am making may seem trivial or unimportant but for those of us who believe that words mean things and if you are going to use the words, you should at least use the correct words and terminology to convey the proper meaning.

There are many people who may be prejudice against the Jews, including the Arab people themselves who are also considered a Semitic people.  There are a small number non-Semitic people such as people of European ancestry who are prejudice against Jews but find allies amongst the Arabs, who as I mentioned are Semitic people.  So therefore it would be incorrect to label them as Anti-Semitic.  There are many African people who hate the Jews also but who have no dislikes toward the Arabs.  It is the same with the Pakistanis, Afghans and other from the region we refer to as the far east who also hate the Jews but are themselves Muslim and have a close friendly relationship with Arabs, who are Semitic.

So you see the mistake is obviously in the way people mistakenly use that word Anti-Semitism and this is out of ignorance. However that is understandable and clearly forgivable.  When I refer to people who hate the Jews or Israelis, I refer to the term - "Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israeli" and therefore I cover both bases at the same time.  It makes sense and it‘s a lot easier for me to make my point.

Often the use of this word, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Semitism are often deliberately used by radicals because the word itself invokes images of the Holocaust and Jewish persecution.  Often Jew Hating Muslims will use this word to attack anyone speaking out against Islam or the Muslims or if a writer makes use of the term, "Islamic Terrorist" or "Muslim Terrorists".  Again this is their tactic of assaulting any outspoken person who dares criticize the doctrines of Persecuting Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims which are clearly right there in the same Quran they draw justification from for their own persecution of all non-Muslims and especially the Jews.

I have also found that when I speak ill of Islam, which is quite often and as often as possible, sometimes I am verbally attacked and accused of being Racist.  Again the ignorant attacker is using an incorrect word and term, since Islam is not a Race, it is an ideology and what I would refer to as a Demonic Cult.

So now if anyone ever had a question of why I use the "Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israeli" and never use the terms, "Anti-Semitism" or Anti-Semitic" then you now have your answer and you have received an added bonus of my clarifying another word, “Racism” which is often incorrectly used.

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