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Another Confirmation of the Wisdom
of the Second Amendment
by Randal - 25 October 2014

Grandfather with Gun stops Home-Invasion and Rape. - Wounded man shoots all 3 assailants, kills 1
An elderly North Carolina man opened fire on three assailants who forced their way into his home, robbed the family, tried to rape his granddaughter and stole his car, reports the Fayetteville Observer.

Well here we have an image of the Three fine upstanding young men who obviously are scholars, true   productive members society and all certainly are credits to their families and communities, right?  Not really!  You’ve just witnessed a bit of my personal brand of sarcasm. 

These three idiots, social misfits and criminals, attempted a home invasion in North Carolina.  Apparently only one of the three made himself visible to the elderly man, through the peep hole in the door,  he aanswered a  knock on his door, the other two were hiding out of sight.  It is reported that the visible youing man told the elderly man that he had an auto breakdown up the road, could he use the elderly man’s phone to call his parents.  When the elderly man open the door to , all three charged in and took over.

They were all three armed with guns and beat the elderly man severely.  They then discovering the man’s granddaughter in the house, and began to attempt to rape her.  The Grandfather was able to wrestle one of the guns away from one of them, and began shooting them.  He too was shot by at least one of them.  One of the men was killed and the other two escaped by steeling the grandfather's car.  The elderly man was later taken to hospital and the other two assailants were arrested at hospital in a neighboring state of South Carolina. 

Now of course it is unfortunate that the man did open the door.  Had it been me, first off I never answer my door without gun in hand.  My first act of course is look through the key hole, if I see a police officer, of course I will not open the door until I have laid the pistol on the table against the wall.  However if it is someone I do not know and not in uniform I will have that pistol in my hand, yes out of sight as not to frighten anyone, but there if needed.

It was later learned that at least one of the men had a drug addiction problem, which no doubt accounts for their criminal activity to acquire drugs.  The Grand father was in fact very lucky that he was able to wrestle one of the guns from one of the men, so that he could save his grand daughter from being raped and possibly even saved his entire family.  One has to presume the worst in a case like this and that is, if they are going to pull off a home invasion, beat you, and attempt to rape your granddaughter, then they will also be willing to kill you and your entire family who would be witnesses. 

This is just one such case that I read often which proves beyond any doubt that every Law Bidding citizens should be armed and ready if need to protect themselves, their loved one and their own property as well from the criminal elements of our society. 

The wisdom of our Founding Fathers again confirm they were more unlighted to reality that any and all of those who advocate for an unarmed and helpless society.  The argument common among those who advocate for elimination of the Second Amendment is that if no one is allowed to have guns, society will be a safer place.  Of course the FBI Research statistics time and time again has proven this fairytale of their to be absolutely untrue.  As a matter of fact the same FBI statistics have proven that violent crimes, including home invasions, rape, robberies and homicide actually increased after strict gun control Laws were enacted in certain cities. 

Knowing the Police themselves are unable to protect us, a good weapon at the ready is in fact our only chance of defense from those who are thugs and would by shear brute force harm us.  It is also worthy to mention that through Police pressured legislation the police are not responsible to protect the public.  Yes it has happened in the past that a police officer stood by and did nothing while a victim was being slaughtered by a knife wielding assailant.  The police officer could have fired his weapon and stopped the attack, but chose to wait for backup instead.  A law suit of course ensued and this was the origin of that legislation.  Any decent and honest police officer will admit to two things, (1) they can not protect the public and (2) the public should arm itself and be prepared to defend itself.  Many police officers have openly acknowledged this.
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