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American Sniper Versus Selma
by Randal M. Bundy - 21 January 2015
American Sniper
Image from the movie, "American Sniper"                                 Chris Kyle, his wife Taya Kyle
Chris Kyle will always be an American Hero who selflessly fought for his country and for all of us.

The American People have had an oportunity recently to demostrate their views and what they prefer and according to the box office sales results of these two movies at the Theaters in America confirm that the Majority of American people are in fact are Patriotic Toward their Country.  The results also confirm the American people do love their True Heroes.  Those Heroes are men like Chris Kyle who the movie, "American Sniper" is about.  The movie produced and directed by Clint Eastwood shows that men like Chris Kyle do not come along every day, but when they do they give all of us the inspiration and the guidance in what "Real Men Are All About" and "What America is all about".

The other movie, "Selma" which "Oprah Winfrey" is one of the producers and is generally the well known name that promotes the movie, has Flopped at the Box Office and embarrassingly will most like not show a profit at all.  As a matter of fact according top prediction, it will most likely be a major financial disaster for whoever the fools were who actually signed on to being producers and financial investors.  Hay, that's just fine with me if they want to throw their money away like that.They might however find it a little less painful and a whole lot less embarrasing to just take a strole down to their local river and just throw their millions into the water and just watch it quickly flow away in the current. 
They might also consider the fact a little thing like Historical Accuracy does matter and that the American people do not support their black Racists Motives in producing their film.  The Race Baiters and Race Hustlers like "Oprah Winfrey, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharton and yes even Michael Moore are nothing more than parasites and profiteers whose sole purpose is to make vast amounts of money on what they do best which is creating racial tensions, discourse and possible racial conflict and wars.  Some of them may also be driven by their leftist anti-American Ideology and goals of destroying the country from within by constantly pounding the drums of racism in order to personally profit from racial tensions, conflicts and even racial wars.
Chris Kyle
Christopher Scott "Chris" Kyle was a United States Navy SEAL was " the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history",  having accumulated 160 confirmed kills out of 255 probable kills.  I believe the Weapon he has with him in this photo is a Remington 700 with scope and bi-pod.

Chris Kyle will always be an American Hero.  Heros really never die. Of course the man dies, as we all will, but the Hero will live on forever in the mind and hearts of future generation.  Chris Kyle's personal achievements are truely such that any person can admire and respect, not only those who have themselves served in the US Military, but those who do appreciate the sacrifice that every American Military Man and Woman give to their country and society ever day that they serve.

Chris Kyle was certainly an exceptional "Warrior" and as a former Military Man myself I would have considered it an honour to have served with him, or even just shot weapons with him at the target range.  I would have enjoyed hunting deer with him in the wilderness, although I certainly would not have been able to compete with him and his , absolute phenomional skills in Marksmanship, it certainly would have been a pleasure and honour to have been right there along side him.  

The above photo of Chris Kyle was taken after he had left the military to presumably enjoy a well deserved life with his family and friends.  Unfortunately that was not to be and Chris Kyle the man was taken from this world, but certainly he will always be with us.

Everyone should be aware by now of the movie produced by Clint Eastwood, "American Sniper" which is about Chris Kyle.  There has of course been leftists such as the underachiever, "Michael Moore" who have critisised the Movie and Clint Eastwood but when pondering the actions of people like Michael Moore, we must consider the source.  People like Michael Moore would have never even made it through Army Basic Training or Marine Boot Camp, let alone advance to the higher levels of achievement as a Warrior, such as Chris Kyle had achieve to reach the level of Navy Seal.  Furthermore the words of an insane lunatic fringe sissy like Michael Moore mean absolutely NOTHING in the real world of Men or the Eliete world of the Warrior Class.  Michael Moore would have never been able to cope with the mental stress, physical endourence and intellectual requirments to achieve even 1 % of what Chris Kyle or any American Veteran would have achieved.  Whatever dirogatory things he or people like him might say regarding the actions of the speciallized field of Sniper Warfare, simply demonstrates they know nothing of what they speak.  The Warrior Class is now and has always consiseted of exceptional men and woman, yet through out history they have generally been humble and most certainly a contribution to their society.   Without that Warrior Class None of us would be here today.

We can not say that about Michael Moore, for long after he is gone, no one will remember him, or his words and no one will even remember that he was nothing more than a worthless overweight lump of flesh.

If you have not seen the Movie, "American Sniper" about Chris Kyle, go see it and remember that Not everone is born to be a warrior, and there's no shame in that.   Even among the Warrior class, not all of us transcend to the high levels of achievement as Cris Kyle had done, but we, as Warriors do Admire, Appreciate and Respect him and people like him.  They will live on forever within us and our memories.  They will live on in the memories of our children and the pages of true history.  GOD Bless Chris Kyle, his wife Taya Kyle, their two children and Chris' mother and father.

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