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American Revolutionary War Part 3
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Some people might argue that this Revolution that I refer to will not occur, in which case I will be wasting my time even writing these articles.  Considering the complacency and Sheepish Demeanor of much of the American  and European Populous and you will see that it is easy to understand that some Patriots who learned their history lessons have lost faith in their fellow countrymen actually standing up and taking back their countries.  

The Country has truly been take over by the coalition of the Socialist-Communists, Islamic Sympathizers and the Sexual Deviates, and Anti-American/Anti White Racists.  In the United States you can add on also those who are tolerant and event sympathetic to the Reconquista (Mexican) / Aztlan Movement to reconquore the Souther-West United States a drive the White Out.  They have infested our Governments and are in the process of destroying our Econimies, Societies and our countries as well as our Way of life. 

It is understandable that many of my fellow countrymen and woman may have lost faith but I am still hopefull that eventually before it is too late, the populous comes to their senses and realized that these usurpers have full intentions of orchatrating not only the destruction of the United States that we all grew up in and love, but they also intend to systematically annihilate the majority White Population in this country by flooding in illegal aliens from Mexico, Africa and the middle East who have full intentions of gaining majority rule and then beginning to exterminate us.  In the case of the Muslims being allowed to flood in, their extermination will be along Religious Lines,  This is not an opinion but a stated fact which they themselves have made fully clear and they have the history of doing so behind them.

I have always quoted appropriately, “it is better to have a thousand enemy outside the walls, rather than have one traitor inside the gates”.  American has many traitor inside the gates and they have open the gates to every possible enemy of our country they can find to establish their coalition against us by flooding in and overwelm us.  

These articles I write are my various thoughts on warfare that may occur during that Resistance and Revolution against those forces that are traitors and our enemies they've brought in against us.  Of course I truely hope it does not manifest, however deep inside I know that their is no alternative and when it does manifest, it will be with a great fury.  If we are lucky we can restore the once Great American Republic. 

If successful we must also somehow take measures in the aftermath to ensure that our enemies, external and internal are never again permitted to use our Liberties and our Constitution against us and to destroy us and those liberties that the people of our country had in the past fought so gallantly to obtain and preserve for us. 

This has clearly been the tactic used by our enemies to defeat us by exploiting the weakness within our system.  The example of which is those who are sworn enemies of our country and society claiming their Freedom of Speech by advocating and installing a Political System which has a Stated Intent and a full History of Denying those same Freedom of Speech that they used against us for purposes of treason and overthrow of our country..

- Randal M. Bundy - 15 July 2015