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Randal M. Bundy

American Patriot Resistance
by Randal M. Bundy  Copyright
George Washington 2nd Amendment
The American Patriot Resistance manifests in many different ways, by individuals and groups.  It is a natural response of a free and self governing people toward a Tyrannical Dictator.  Through out history, when a government has become an overbearing intrusion into the lives of a free and self governing populous, then the result is the Resistance.  Eventially the response of the people will be an all out Revolution and Civil War between those who have sided with the Oppresive Tyrannical Dictator and the people who will have had enough.  

When the United States was very young in it's existence our Colonial Forefathers fought the British King George in the war that we in the United States refer to as, "The American Revolution".  They fought then for the same reasons that the Resistance is active and alive today. 

When a person is elected to the any public office and especially the Presidency, they are obligated to comply with the Laws of the land, the same as any other person.  The Supreme Law of the Land is the Constitution of the United States which includes the Bill of Rights and when a president deliberately and flagrantly violates those Supreme Laws which exist to protect the people and are the rights of the people, then that president has become a Criminal and a Tyrannical Dictator, as Barak Obama has become.

This reaction from a populous of resistance toward him and any of his petty Tyrants appointed by him is perfectly natural and normal of free people who are smart enough to realize the Tyrannical Dictator is trying to take away from the people that which GOD has granted them as a Birth Right.

"The Constitution of the United States" which includes the "First Ten Amendments"  known as , "The Bill of Rights" is described by the Founding Fathers as, "rights which are given to man by GOD".  Our Colonial American founding fathers are the ones who have fought for these rights amd p[reserved them for us, their modern day descendants and have left them to us as an inheritance.

For those who are atheist, I can translate this principle into the fact that each of us were born with free will and it can be concluded that it is therefore natural to our existence that we govern ourselves.  We can also point out that our founding fathers realized this themselves and at that point in time and in the development of this country that  they created and composed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for several reasons.  The first of course is the Constitution is like an instruction Manual for how to run and manage a country.  The second guaranteed rights of  the of the people against to protect them against any sort of Tyrannical Dictatorship.  If there are any atheists who are reading this then certainly they must agree that this established instruction manual and guaranteed rights benefit all of the people, including themselves.

I think of the Constitution of the United States as, not only an instruction manual but with the inclusion of the Bill of Rights as a binding Contract between a Government, individually and collectively and the Free People who have elected these people to Manage the Government.  When elected officials begin to think of themselves as ruling the people instead of serving the people, such as Barak Obama has even said during an interview, then it should be clear to all by the use of that term, RULE, that he either does not understand his role as President or he flagrantly disregards it from the very beginning.  I personally believe the later to be the case, he flagrantly disregards his role the same as he has contempt for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because it Restrict him from legally obtaining what he really wants.  That is a Dictatorship where he personally can, as he put it, "Fundamentally change what America Is".  In other words, "Destroy America."

That is what brings us now to the American Patriot Resistance.  The resistance has many faces and many classes of people.  The Resistance is NOT selective of any particular color, class, or income level any more than an American is one selective color, class or income level.  Those in the American leftist Media will and have tried to portray the resistance as something other than that.  However everyone must remember that the typical Leftist individual does support Obama and when it comes to the political leanings of the majority of Television News Media persona, most are leftists themselves and tend to vote Democrat.  In short the American News Media by and large has an invested interest in the leftists Presidency of Barak Obama, the Dictator himself. 

The Resistance includes many different groups and individuals through out American society.   These groups may include people who may appear to be a part of the System the Tyrannical Dictator uses but who are in fact themselves Patriots, who have sworn an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  That last word in that sentence is all important as it does imply that most of us all realize that the enemy can be one of our own elected officials as well as an invading military force as well.

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