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Some of my Articles below pertaining to the Militia Movement and also about military topic which may be useful for the Militias, those with military experience and those without as well.

  1. Militias are "The People"
  2. Military Topics - LRRPs (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol)
  3. Survival and the Coming Crisis
  4. Military Training Information
  5. Some thoughts on Military Tactics:  Patroling, Scouting, Recon and Military Movements
  6. Gun Talk - FN-FAL and AKMS
American Militias
Articles by Randal M. Bundy regarding the American Militia Movement
American Militias
Below I will list as many of the Militia Organizations and their contact information.  Remember that I can not vouch for any of these Militias as I have only met with a few of them. Every American man and woman who is wise enough to see what is being done to their society and country should already be Armed and Associated with a Militia.  The enemy is right here, already on our shores and that enemy's intent is the destruction of our country and our society and the annihilation of our people. Start within your own family and community by prepairing and then organize with others on a broader scale.
- Randal M. Bundy- 09 April 2015
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