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American Military
By Randal
Under the Previous Administrations the US Military had been reduced to such a severe degree that it's ability to fight a two front war or fight two enemies at the same time has been reduced to  fight only on one front or one enemy at a time. Now under Obama is being reduced to such a degree that the threat to national security now exists at a time when China and Russians have increased their military budgets.  Obama now talks about reducing the size of the military to a mere 450,000 man force.  It is unclear if this means the actual combat troops or all of the troop capability or if this means mean’s all branches combined.  Either way the amount of military is in such a dangerous state that it leaves us vulnerable to the other super powers.

Additionally the military as a whole was already suffering from a low moral from several factors such as the continual, prolonged and unending wars under the Bush administration.  The running of a military as you would run a corporation is a very big mistake.  Cutting the budget here, reducing troop strength here, closing a military base here or there.  My complaint is this might be necessarily when you are running a corporation and the economy is hurting and your sales and profits are down.  However it is not the way to run a military.  They told us all through out the war that these so called War of Terrorism was going to be long and costly.  So they sent all those troops over there endless rotating them in combat and back again time and time again.  However they really had no intention of winning a war. While we were fighting radical Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, they very same administration was allowing thousands upon thousands of Muslims to immigrate and become citizens of our country.  Thus setting the stage for an up-coming war on our own soil against the same kinds of people we were fighting over seas.  A comparison of the same stupidity would have been if during the second world war our grandfathers would have allowed members of the Nazi Party to immigrate to the US during the same time we were fighting Nazis in German and to further, provide them with free housing, food, free education and free financial while our own returning veterans received nothing and many of who were injured.

Now Obama’s plan to weaken the US military was in the works all along.  Even before he was elected the US Military was on his target list along with the entire Republican Party, Tea Party or anyone who politically opposed him.  Let’s also understand quite clearly that they entire white population was then and still is at the tope of the list on Obama’s Target List.  Obama‘s plan all along  was to destroy the US in all aspects, economically, militarily and socially as well.

It is a waist of time trying to make sense of his motives or at least understand what his logic is in all of this destruction.  It is like trying to look at the actions of an insane person and try to explain that insane person’s logic.  It would be a waist of time.

Obamas intentions are those of a true mad man.  It is also the insane intentions of certain leftists ideology, that somehow the USA must be punished and made to pay or perhaps destroyed beyond repair.  All the while he is destroying the USA by destroying the economy, he spends wildly on his own personal vacations and what he might claim to be state visits to countries that have absolutely no strategic value to the USA.  Visits to these countries at the expense of the tax payers of the country is not justified and especially at a time when the entire American Population is suffering because of his economic failures.  It’s bad enough that he spends like a mad man, but his wife and children do too, traveling on separate plains with separate secret service details and hotel rooms and toting all those staffers along with them and entourage plus friends, all of who also have to be lodged in 4 star hotels and eat at tax payers expense.  Obama, Moocho Michelle and his entire family, including his mother in-law are the perfect example of Welfare abusers in the White House.  They are living up like Kings and Queens while destroying the middle class of this country.  To make matters worse they somehow thing they are entitled to it.

If we look at the increases in manpower and budgets of  the various Federal Agencies which Obama has more direct control over, I am left to conclude that the true reason Obama wants to destroy the US Military is because he knows that most of those loyal and patriotic soldiers will Not be loyal to him should there ever be a revolution.  Whereas the Federal Employees as his own personal employees whose leaders are directly appointed by him are far more loyal to him personally.

It is absolutely certain that since he has been in office the vast majority of government jobs have been given to democrats.  I suppose all those democrat workers will be glad to see Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party Members or anyone opposing Obamas dictatorship marched off the concentration camps.  Far Fetched you say?  You would have also 10 years ago said it was absurd to suggest the IRS would allow themselves to be use as a political weapon.  You would be wrong on both accounts.

So what I suggest the true motive for destroying the US Military is that one simple oath that every soldier and office swears to, "To Protect and Preserve the Constitution Against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic".

Obama is a Traitor of the American People, he is a Traitor to the Country.  He is deliberately weakening our Military to the point to where it can not fight to protect the country or the people.  Obama is the enemy and as time goes on, it becomes more clear to everyone with a brain and a passion for the United States.

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