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American Indians
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When I use the term American Indianinstead an individual Tribal Name such as Cherokee or Navajo, it is becasue I am making a general reference to the American Indian people as a whole and not just a particular tribe.  This is just such a case where I am presenting articles and information which pertains to many of the different tribes of people who are Identified even by themselves as Indians or as American Indians to distiguish them from the people of India, who they are not at all related to or have any historic connection to. Everyone should be aware that when Chritopher Columbus landed on the shores of Hispaniola he did in fact believe he had discovered a new route to the Far East and that he had landed on the coast India, thus the incorrect term Indian begam fixed in common vocabulary especially for White European Settelers. However whenever possibly I will specify a particular tribe which the article or subject pertains to.
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