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Randal M. Bundy

American Citizens Fight Back Against
Illegal Immigrant Invasion

by Randal M. Bundy - July 15, 2014

If the following image makes you feel sorry for the Illegal Immigrants, then it is because those attempting to deliberately deceive and manipulate the American Public are succeeding in their propaganda campaign. 
Illegal Imigrant Invaders
Take a closer look at the clean and un-tattered clothing they wear, the shoes with no holes in them and the people themselves who do not look malnourished nor hungry and ask yourself  "what is the true Motives of these illegal’s and those who are actually encouraging their invasion into our country.

The Reality and the Fact is, They are NOT refugees at all.

What they are is an invasion force intending to Conquer you and the United States with overwhelming Numbers.  This is one of the many waves which are part of the Reconquista (Re-Conquering) Movement and Obama is behind it as part of his plan to destroy White America and The Mexican's are part of it also as part of their long standing Reconquista Plans.

As for the common illegal immigrant themselves, their motives are simple:  Free Food, clothing, housing, education and provide medical care, all FREE for them and the numerous children they produce, paid for by you, the naive American Tax Payer.  Let's also consider that according to statistics, all of the Jobs that have been Lost under Obama's intentional economic assault against American, have been replaced by Illegal Immigrants.  That's right they while you lost your job, were placed on unemployment until that income ran out, and if you were lucky you were eligible for welfare, the illegal immigrant received special preferential treatment.  Those illegal immigrants were permitted to not only jump ahead in the immigration line, they also were also permitted to jump ahead in the employment line as well.  Americans of White European Ancestry as well as all other races and ethnic groups in the United States who are not included in the Grand Scheme of the Reconquista Movement, you are financing the destruction of your society, your people, your country and it's republic.  If you do not fight back, resist the invasion and demand the deportation of those who have illegally entered our country, you are also contributing to and financing your own demise.  Time and time again it has been shown that the Feds will back down under the presure of public outrage and demands. You have to be willing to stand up and demand you power and their compliance. - Randal M. Bundy

Protestors Rally Against Illegal Immigration Outside of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Fontana  California

Feds Retreat after Maryland Residents Fight Plan to Dump Illegals

'Minuteman Project' Reboots,
Recruits Thousands

The Minuteman Project, the "citizens' Neighborhood Watch on our border," began recruiting volunteers on Monday morning for "Operation Normandy," a new citizen effort to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border.
Minutemen and Militias Needed on Southern Border
Militias Needed NOW on the Southern Border
Militias Needed on Southern Border
Militias Needed on Southern Border
Militias Needed on Southern Border
Militias Needed on Southern Border
Militias Needed on Southern Border

The American Patriot Resistance,  we are everywhere and
 We Will Never Surrender

Holly Fisher

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