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Amerian Nightmare Happening Right Now
by Randal M. Bundy - 26 February 2015
Now combine these two radical ideologies and elements that have made Obama what he is,
(1) "Marxism" and (2) "Islam"
and what you should be seeing is that not only is my comparison between Obama and the Nazis of the 30's and 40's accurate but you should also by now be seeing glympses of the Nightmare to Come".

Obama:  King, Emperor, Messiah and God
Obama Moves to Violate the 2nd Amendment by Executive Order, which was never intended to be within the Power of the Presidency.

Obama has basically rendered Congress Powerless against his Ditatorhip, the same as if he had just dismissed or disolved Congrees, like other world dictators have done in their Countries.  He has achieved the same results.

Headline today from the News Wire, "Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle...  and Run on ammo...

Obama Now intends to violate the 2nd Amendment by Executive Order.  Is there Nothing this Majority Republican Congress and the Judiciary Branch can do to stop this Maniac Dictator?  Clearly he has violated the laws of the land on so many instances that it is not possible to list them all here.  We clearly see what his intentions are to destroy our country and our society. 

Clearly he is operating completely against the wishes of the majority of the American people as well as the majority of his own democrat party. 

Obama's regard for the American People. The Consitution, Congress
and the Laws of the Land

Clearly he is a traitor and has been collaborating with our Nations enemies and he is even intentionally allowing our enemies to invade our soil under the pretext of extending refugee status to them. 

Clearly the weak Republicans in Congress have given him the impression and incentive to just do whatever he wants, without fear of legal confrontation or obstacles in his way.  Now he intends to ban certain ammunition for certain weapons which will be violating the 2nd amendment and allow him the circumvent the 2nd amendment and he will say, “He never banned guns”.   His strategy for violating all of the other laws and getting away with it has always been, “He doesn’t see it as a violation of the Constitution” and the only recourse for Congress or the states has been to sue him.  Even when judgment goes against him and what he does, he ignores those judgments and continues to push straight ahead with his agenda.  The only solution is not only impeachment, but criminal charges brought on by Congress, but Obama has covered that base to by appointing his own political hacks to the Justice department to insure that that agency does not do it’s job

You are experiencing a Totalitarian Dictatorship right in front of your eyes and 50 years ago our parents and grandparents said, “It could never happen here“, well it is happening right now. If the Democrats themselves think they will somehow be immune to the Dictator or have special favorable status with Obama, they are dead wrong.  They too will feel the harsh hand of a dictator.
Obama: King, Emperor, Messiah and God
What will it take for the people of America to truly become outraged?  Will it take concentration camps in the Nevada Desert for Obama’s Political Opponents?  With it take Gas Chambers and Death Camps for the leadership of the Republican Party or anyone who would have dared to speak out against the dismantling of the Constitution of the United States and the ushering in of the Obama Dictatorship?  Perhaps the democrats themselves will wake up and realize the mess they have allowed to happen on their watch.  Perhaps they too will find themselves in similar concentration camps designed for those who perhaps did not provide enough support for the dictator and chief or shower him with enough praise and worship.

There is absolutely no difference between Obama and the Tyrannical Dictators of old, the Nazis, and Fascists like Hitler, Musolini, Pol Pot Mao, Castro, The Kims of North Korea
Obama Death Camps
What will it take for those Democrat Party idiots to realize the mess they have brought on to not only we who are of Obamas Political Opposition, but also to themselves.  Perhaps they too will end up in Obama’s Gas Chambers somewhere in the Arizona Desert along side the Republicans they so gleefully conspired against and went along with everything Obama wanted, even this dictatorship.

All of this may sound melodramatic to some, but there is not one single competent scholar out their or common man who by now can not see that all I and others predicted was actually happening in gradual stages.  Now Obama has escalated his power grab and destruction of the country so much that even the most naive and ignorant can no longer remain blind. 

Obama's true intention is to achieve Gun Control, by making it so that their are no bullets availsble to fir those guns.  He has said that the purpose is to eliminate what the BATF under whish direction classifys as Cop Killer Bullets or Armor piercing Bullets, which the 5.56 mm and .223 are not really cop killer bullets.  Obama is quite an expert on lies and he truely has absolutely no regard for the lives of Police Officers as he has ordered the Justice Department which is also directly under his control to NOT prosecute any of the New Black Panters and other who have called for the random assisination of any cops.  No this is really about his escalation of his complete take over of power the same as his move to regulate, sensor and control the Internet.

If anyone actually believe that my comparison to Obama and Hiitler is far fetched or that I site the same Nazi Type Re-education Camps, Gas Chambers and Death Camps of the Nazi's remember that Bill Ayers, the natorious co-founders of the Radical Leftist Weathermen of the 60's and 70's openly acknowldeged that when his Marxists actually and eventially came to power in the United States that according to his own words, they would have to Kill an estimated 35% of the American Population in order to achieve total control.  Remember that Bill Ayers has been and still is best friends of Obama. Remember also that Obama was raised by two particular influences as he grew up, (1) Marxism of his own mother as well as other well known Marxists and (2) his other influence was Islam which he learned in Indonesia and he has ever since surrounded himself by Marxists and Islamists as well as other radical Leftists ever since and up to right now in his presidency.  

Now combine these two radical ideologies and elements that have made Obama what he is,
(1) "Marxism" and (2) "Islam"
and what you should be seeing is that not only is my comparison to the Nazis of the 30's and 40's accurate but you should also by now be seeing glympses of the Nightmare to Come".
- Randal M. Bundy - 26 February 2015
2nd Amendment

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