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Allah Pig of Mecca - ALL Hail The Islamic PIG
by Randal M. Bundy - 14 January 2014
Allah Pig of Mecca
Randal M. Bundy

Do these silly little images offend Muslims?  Muslim claim they are offended by such "blasphemy", yet they insist in trying to claim that "we all pray to the same GOD.  Of course anyone with half a brain knows that whatever it is they are praying to, in certainly NOT the GOD that the rest of us are praying to.  They have never expressed any outrage toward what I would consider "disrespect" toward our GOD and our Religion.  Examples of course when some idiot from some third world hell hole in Africa who use to be a camel dung salesman carves an image of The Virgin Mary with Christ and uses camel dung as his medium and calls that art.  Or perhaps when some fool urinates in a glass jar and then submerges a Crucifix with Christ’s body on it, into that jar of urine and calls that art.  In both of these cases it was later learned that the first case the individual was a Muslim and the second case the individual was discovered to be an atheist.  In both of these cases of "fraudulent art" there were Art Museums who displayed the works in public.

Although in both cases there was public outcry from the Christian Communities and demands to remove the so-called "art" from the “Public Taxpayer Funded Art Museum”.  Never did any Muslim every raise their voice in outrage over what can only be clearly considered as "blasphemy" toward the Christian GOD and Religion.  Furthermore I know of no cases where any outraged and offended Christians ever publicly suggested, instructed or called for that the so-called "artist" to be killed, such as the Muslims do on a regular basis when something is defined by them as offending their prophet, their god or their religion.  They call it a fatwa.

However without even realizing it, they were in fact confirming what I have always asserted and that is that whatever entity it is they are praying to and calling god, is certainly NOT the same GOD that the Christians and Jews praying to.  If it was they too would be offended and outraged at anyone who commits acts of "blasphemy" toward the Christian GOD or our Religious Images, such as the Virgin Mary and the Crucifix with the body of Jesus on it.

Those of us who have had the great fortune to have been born into a Country and Society where we have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Press and Freedom of thought know and value these things that the real GOD had intended for all mankind.  The only thing that can even mildly be credited to Muhammad for is that he had created a belief cult that is self perpetuating, so evil, so vial and devious that the only way to free the world of it's intended enslavement is to literally stamp it out and erase it permanently from the memory of mankind.  It must be asserted that it is truly the only religious belief that freely attracts the most dangerous elements of any society, the criminals, perverts, devious, sick-minded and insane people who are born onto this planet.  For evidence of that fact we merely one need only take note of the product that is produced by them, "Death, destruction and Enslavement.  These are NOT the products of my GOD of the Christians and Jews. nor the Buddhists, the Hindu nor any other religious belief on the Planet.  Only the cult of Islam and the demonic entity they worship can take credit for these products produced.

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