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Alexia Kousnetz Comments
When people are this stuid I just can not resist taking pot shots at them.
by Randal M. Bundy - 30 January 2016
Alexia Kousnetz Comments - 
When people are this stuid I just can not resist taking pot shots at them.
My friend on Facebook, Steve Foster was thoughtful enough to forward to me this.  And of course I do have to take the opportunity to comment on her statemenst above.

oh my where shall I begin with this twit? I wonder where she get's her statistic from when she says 89% are doing it for their own selfish reasons? such an odd number she sites and considering the lower than average wage a typical enlisted man actually receives, the military is not anywhere to go if you are selfish. Considering also that you are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the hourly wage they receive would probably be around $2.00 per hour so it is not a very good choose for one who is selfish. Considering also the lack of sleep one actually gets when the are in a combat theater one only wonder why people actually are willing to make such a sacrifice. AS for her claim about free benifits, obviously she has never been to a VA Hospital. Beside I am a combat veteran - 3 times I might add and I have literally fought and bled for my country, a claim that she can not make, even if she has broken a fingernail while flipping burgers somewhere. Since I have gotten out of the army I have asked NOTHING from my government except to leave me the hell alone and don't come looking for me to serve a 4th tour in a combat zone.

She says 3% chance of war, well I guess I am just lucky because three times I fell into the category of the selected. And even those who are not on the front line in a war still take risk of being overrun by the enemy. Three % my ass, more like 90 % for the Gulf Wars of Iraq and Afganistan
 give up one summer she says to learn how to fire a gun, try it some time my little princess, and she wouldn't make it through the procedure we went through when arriving at the reception center and having three drill sergeants screaming at us to "Get the hell off my Bus" She'd have been in tears before she made it off the bus.

Deserving of respect she says, well we don't care if this little princess respects us or not and as for more people dying in Chicago that is because the have a demented city government and state legislature that wants everyone disarmed and thus the populous can not defend themselves from the criminal gangs that rule Chicago.

She says we aren't even at war, she lives in a bubble somewhere in a gated community and must never watch TV, otherwise she would know that this Obama administration has invited our enemies to come right here inside our borders among us and the threat to our national security as a result is the greatest now than it has ever been in the history of our country.

She calls us pussies in superhearo suits? ha,ha,ha coming from a pussy herself, I consider the source and pity her. Considering the sourse I also consider her intelligence level and IQ which is so small it does not even register on the scale.

Tthe rest is just a bunch of useless blaber from an obvious twit, uneducated and mindless as well as a useless member of society whose only net worth might be as a sperm bank for perhaps a future offspring who just might turn out to be a credible patriot.

Thank you Steve Foster my friend for bringing this to my attention

I am going to add here to my wall of shame on my website, I just can not resist the temptation to drive the nail in further, considering my readership on my website daily is around 900,000 her face and stupidity will now be seen world wide.

- Randal M. Bundy - 30 January 2016