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Alec Baldwin - the Idiot Boy
By Randal
Alec Baldwin, the Idiot Boy
Yes!  It is absolutely true that I refer to Alec Baldwin as, "The Idiot Boy" and I stand behind those words.  What other word can I use to refer to someone who rants and raves when a photographer takes a picture of him when he is walking down a public street.  Additionally to accompany the word Idiot, I also include the word Boy, because certainly he acts like a spoiled little boy throwing a temper tantrum.  I should also include the words Spoiled Little Brat because obviously that also befits his behavior.  To assist in describing him I would also use words often used by his own Leftist-Liberal- Democrat type friends, such as "Homophobic", "Racists", "Sexist".  I could also chose a classic words such as "Neanderthal" to describe his character. or perhaps even words like, "Street Thug to describe his demenour.  However  words that WOULD NOT properly fit Alex Baldwin are words such as "Dignified", "Mature", "Grateful", "Humble", "Polite", "Nice",  and I am sure there are a few more complementary words the would be unsuitable also that  just don't come to mind at this time.

Their should be mandatory classes for every Wanna-be Actor, Actress or anyone whose ambition is to be a celebrity.  This would be an educational experience in which they are taught on what to expect if they are lucky enough to actually achieve stardom and celebrity status in this world.  Perhaps this would be a good business venture for me to undertake.  I could actually do it in one lecture that I could cover in about one hour, perhaps even less.  The lecture would go something like this:  When you pursue a career as a celebrity, and you crave the attention of the media and are on TV, in magazines, in movies, commercials, billboards and everyone in the entire country knows your face, you will make an enormous amount of money and live the life that even the top 1% do not live, and you can congratulate yourselves for your achievement.  However along with all that you must realize that the days of just walking to the local Pizza Shop, buying a nice Pizza and a Root Bear and no one notices you in the crowd, no one asks you for an autograph, Paparazzi do not waist there time taking your photograph, those days will be over for you.  This also will include your family members too, such as your wife, your husband, your significant other, your children, even your parents and siblings will not escape the watchful eye of the camera.  My advise  to them during this lecture will be, if you do not like these conditions, do not pursue this career, instead become an Accountant, a Doctor, A Carpenter or a common Businessman. 

My lecture would also include the simple fact that you can not dictate the terms and conditions of your celebrity status unless you chose to live in one of the exclusive gated communities that do exist for the rich and famous, but even then you will not be safe unless the community has somehow imposed a "No Fly Zone" over the entire area.

The very first student that I would like to have attend my class would be Alex Baldwin and let's not forget his wife, Hilaria Baldwin.  For her and all of the young wives of older and less attractive male actors in and outside of Hollywood, I would include the advise, Ladies if you marry for money and fame, the above advise will also apply to you. 

Alec Baldwin seems to mistakingly think that when it comes to photographs being taken of him, his wife and new born daughter, Carmen Gabriela, then these photographs 
should only be permissible by him and unfortunately for him and his controlling ego, this is not reality.  He seems to be more that anxious to have his baby daughters photograph taken,  so her image being seen by the public is not the case here.  You will see photographs in the right column which he obviously requested and or approved of and maybe a few which were taken while he and his wife were in public and they did not reealize it.  However these things are not something he can control.  If you are a well know celebrity walking around Manhatten with your wife and new baby daughter in tow, then what the hell do you expect.

The spectacle this actor is making of himself is ridiculous and unbecoming of a mature man of his age.   These  choice of words he often uses in anger at the street Photographers and
Paparazzi he encounters is also not proper of a man of this age, but might be more worthy of a street thug in a confrontation with another street thug. 

I hope that Alex Baldwin gets exactly what he says he wants during many of these rants and raves while chasing Photographers around the streets of Manhatten.  I hope he receives the complete anonymity where he can walk down any street in the entire USA and no one would notice him, and this would also apply to him when it comes to his true desire of celebrity status and all of the money he has made over the years from enjoying that celebrity status and exposure.  For Alec Baldwin there should be a time machine that he can travel back to the time when he was growing up in Amityville, Long Island, New York.  He should return to being the annonimous and unnoticed son of Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr., from Massapequa, New York who was a high school history and social studies teacher and football coach.  Perhaps Alec Baldwin's greatest achievements would be to be that high school football star that he wanted and his father always wanted him to be, instead of this old, out of shape has been actor.  I wish for him to be able to return to when he was attending University and he could major in Education and in time he could settle into a nice predictable and non-celebrity life of being a History / Social Studies Teacher and Football Coach like his father was.  That honourable career was apparently good enough for his father and would be something Alec Baldwin would also be well suited for and might just be a lot less stressful for him in life.  The worse things that in that life  could be said about him was that although he was not a very good football player nor a football hero, he is perhaps a pretty good coach but sometimes with a bad temper, but otherwise he was a good history and social studies teacher.

I am actually happy for Alex Baldwin that he has been a success, that he has been married to the famous actress, Kim Basinger, that he has a daughter, Ireland Baldwin by the Celebrity, Kim Basinger, and I am happy that he has a new wife,
Hilaria Baldwin and that they have a baby daughter togeather. 

In my class that he would attend, I would however instruct him in no uncertain terms that to most of us here in the real world, all that means absolutely nothing to any of us.  I would also advise him to just tone it down a little and come to the realization that the street photographers or Paparazzi are guys just like him who are trying to make a little money and feed their families too, just like him.  When it all comes down to it he is no different than them.  I would remind this washed up actor in kind words, there will come a time when he no longer has the attention that he has now.  I would advise him to remember these times and remember what life was like before all this fame he now enjoys.  Be more like the other Baldwin Brothers who although they may be a little less famous are also generally regarded as being a hell of a lot nicer people that he is.

I would also advise him to grow up,  be a man, act like a mature man of his age, and come to the realization that if you enjoy the status of celebrity then it is unreasonable to expect anonymity.  Nor is it unreasonable for others to not pursue their careers and that when you are in public you and you family are fair game to being photographed when you walk down the street and the it is not acceptable to attack and assault a photographers  in addition to being illegal.  I might also recommend anger management courses for him too and let's not forget my previous advise for him to move to one of those gated communities which provided with Security and secluded from the eyes of the general public.

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