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Alec Baldwin "The Idiot Boy" Arrested
Police take Him And His Little Bicycle To Jail
By Randal
Alec Baldwin Arrested
Think of it like this, Alex Baldwin is basically out of work, but wait before you feel sorry for him, he does not need your sympathy as he could retire today and live like a king anywhere in the world.  Celebrities crave the spotlight and publicity and they have been taught by the managers and agents the first rule of being a celebrity is, "Any Publicity Is Good Publicity".  The whole thing of what he and all the other celebrities are doing is trying to remain in the minds of the public, even if the public hates them, they still get attention.  

What it is called is "a Publicity stun" and it has been going on ever since the first silent motion picture days.  It is an old trick among celebrities and Alex Baldwin riding his little bicycle down the street in the wrong direction, opposite of the flow of traffic is just such a stunt he would pull to get the attention of the Police Department whose job it is to try to maintain an orderly city.  Do something stupid like this every week and he keeps his name and face alive with the public by getting having every newspaper in the country pubishing the story.  He also remains on the minds of potential movie producers and directors too.

Think about it for a moment, you live in New York, you are somewhat intelligent as Alex Baldwin is, not a rocket scientist of course, but he is intelligent enough to walk and chew bubblegum'  Now everyone who lives in New York City knows that if you ride a bicycle then you must follow the basic rules of the road which apply to motorized vehicles as well as Alex Baldwin’s little bicycle too.  Why else would he be riding that stupid little bicycle around in an area of New York city, in broad day light in an area where obviously every tourist will be as well as every Paparazzi will also be hanging out on almost every street corner waiting for some celebrity make an appearance and do something stupid.  It is also pretty common knowledge that every street corner will also be inhabited by a police officer or two as well, just waiting for someone to commit a mi nor infraction of some sort.  It is the same when he makes such a spectacle of himself when a Paparazzi happens to catch a photograph of Alex Baldwin out on the town with his wife and children.  It is all well staged and intended.  After all Alex Baldwin is an actor and when you see him in a video being a fool in public, it is all a role he is playing.

Now you must also keep in mind that the large number of charity events that celebrities appear at, or pretend to support, there again is all part of their efforts to keep there names and faces in the public eye and in the newspapers and TV.  The celebrities such as Alex Baldwin and most if the other in reality do not give a damn about, what they consider, "The Little People".  There are exceptions of course,  but Alex Baldwin and most of the left leaning Hollywood do not fall in to that category.

After Alex Baldwin's little escapade, in which he was of course hoping to be arrested and take to jail or at least cause a spectacle of himself enough to draw attention.  How many regular people would be stupid and arrogant enough to tell a New York City Police Officers, "Just give me the Damn Ticket"?  Certainly not any of the regular folks like us. 

Think also about what all this publicity will cost Alex Baldwin, perhaps a fine of several Hundred Dollars at the most?  Whatever the cost of the fine is chump change to Alex Baldwin when considering what the cost of advertising would be in you purchased the same amount of space in just one of those very expensive Newspapers in New York City.

Do you understand it all now?  Alec Baldwin will not suffer at all for being arrested.  He certainly will not do any jail time, except perhaps a few hours, there again all part of the plan to obtain free advertising in the form of publicity.  We can expect more of this on a regular basis with variations of course.

The Police know exactly what he is doing, he and every other celebrity has been doing it for some time.  Alec Baldwin is not a person well liked by the New York Police Department's Rank and File Patrol Officers.  He is a pain in their assess.  They have greater things to do, like actually doing police work in their effort to protect their city and residence against criminals and terrorists and to them Alex Baldwin is a waist of there time and a waste of tax payers money. 

Alex Baldwin is very careful of course not to do anything that would actually provoke a police officer to kick his ass, which is what could very well happen if you or I were to mouth off at the NYPD the way Alex Baldwin does.  What Alex Baldwin really does deserve is much like a spoiled little brat sometimes deserves to have their butts whipped, or a bully on the school yard or in the neighborhood deserves to get a good punch in the nose to remind them that sometimes the little guys just might fight back.

It is a good think that Alex Baldwin does live in New York City, where he receives the attention that he so desperately craves.  If he actually lived anywhere else in the Country, other than New York City or Hollywood, in what I call, “The Real World” that the rest us live in, he would find out very quickly that none of us who live in the real world have any time for his antics and the police would have absolutely no patience for his misbehavior and disrespect toward them either. 

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