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Al Sharpton, FBI Informer, Dead Man Walking, No Where To Run To, No Where To Hide
Secretly Worked As FBI Informer against both the Genovese and Gambino Mafia Families of New York
By Randal

Al Sharpton FBI Informer
Al Sharpton now and old photo of him back back around 1988

You Couldn't Pay Me A Million Dollars To Be Al Sharpton right about now

Well Folks, I just don't know what to say about this.  Certainly for a person like Al Sharpton I have absolutely no Sympathy for him.  He has for the past 35 years has been making a pretty good living off of Race Baiting, "Whity"  and Chasing every incident which he could possibly twist into a white racial incident against a black person, real or fabricated, and most of them were in fact fabricated.  He has always been a race hustler at the expense of the everyone.  I can think of no greater punishment that for him to live out the rest of his miserable life wondering if the next walk he takes down the street will be his past.

Now I realize that these are very harsh words, but you must understand that it was Al Sharpton who was actually partially responsible for the entire Tawana Brawley lies and fabricated racial attack of 1988.  A young teenage black woman who claimed to be assaulted by several white men who she claimed raped her, brutalized her and smeared feces uo her and with a knife scratched a Nazi symbol on her.  It was later after several investigations that she finally admitted that she had fabricated the story in order to not get in trouble by her parents for spending the night having sex with her boyfriend.  All across the entire United States, hundred's of Innocent White people were being assaulted, and killed by enraged blacks as revenge for what they thought had been a racial assault against this young black girl.  She never apologized for this, Al Sharpton Never apologized for this,  Tawana Brawley even tried to implicate the police detectives as being a part of the group who supposedly assaulted and raped her, but Al Sharpton Stuck with the story and tried to milk it for everything he could get out of it.
.Al Sharpton and Al Sharpton 1988
Al Shapton and Tawana Brawley
This was only one case which Al Shapton had been responsible for.  The were other deaths which can be attributed to false claims of racists attacks which ended in death for whites and Jewish people, all blood on the hands of Al Sharpton and his Race Hustling.  So not I feel no sympathy for Al Shapton and what we all know will be his fate for working for the FBI to get evidence apparently against these two well known Genovese and Gambino Mafia Families of New York.  However I do not think it will be the Italians who will get him, or the whites, I think it will be the Black people who will get him for being an FBI Informant.
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