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Al-Qaeda Closes in on Baghdad
Iraq Poised to Collapse under Civil War along Religious and Ethnic Lines

by Randal - 12 June 2014
Al-Qaeda In Iraq
Many years ago I had predicted that when American Troops pulled out of Iraq the entire country would collapse and a civil war between the various Religious Factions and Ethnic Groups would ensue. Regrettably I was absolutely correct and my prediction has come true but I am not psychic, just a common sense realists with knowledge of History. 

What they are calling "Islamist Militants" is in fact a "splinter group of Al-Qaeda" known as "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) . As you can see in this photograph above, thee fly the "Black Flag" that has become associated with "Al-Qaeda" and thire troops dressed in Black. 

It is typical of the Leftist-Liberal media in the United States and the Obama administration to de deceptive as to who these troops are.

They have at this time over run former dictator, Saddam Hussein’s home town of Tikrit and are positioned 80 miles from the Capitol City of Bagdad.  There have been many reports of Mass beheadings by Iraq citizens fleeing the onslaught and it will not be long before they begin their push toward the capitol city.  After this victorious conquering of Tikrit, they are no doubt now regrouping, resting and re-supplying in preparation for their next phase of their war and the battles for the capitol city will soon begin.

This illustration above shows the ethnic and religious break divide in Iraq.  In my opinion any attempt by Americans in the past to maintain or prevent any type of civil order was futile on our part and a waste of most valuable asset we have, which is the lives of our own military troops and a waste national wealth and our time.  Stop this stupid policy of coming to the aid of the entire world.  Every time someone gets a "stubbed toe" or "can't get along with their neighbor" whatever American President is in office, for some unknown reason decides that we, Americans must choose sides and come to the aid of what often turns out to be an ungrateful third world country and people. Of course that also means billions of our dollars in handouts and in the end it is our people who get killed, our National and Private wealth that is lost and the people we save end up hating us and turning against us. Some cases of “Natural Allies” such as the British and others, I can see rendering aid and assistance and even sending troops to help in the fight, but Iraq IS NOT such as case

Personally I think Obama and his administration was behind this and provided aid and comfort as well as strategic aid and support to them.  This has been proven to be the case in Syria, Libya and various other Muslin Countries, all under the disguise of Arab Spring. 

The American People must understand that Islam and it’s adherents are not now, nor have they ever been,  nor will they ever  truly be our comrades.  No matter what any leftists-Liberal says who are trying to deceive us.  They are in fact committing National Suicide by allowing these people to immigrate to our country.

No matter how many peace loving and tolerant Western pacifist may naively think they can achieve any type of “Coexistence” with anyone who are Muslims, it is in fact endangering the lives and safety of the entire American Populous.  An example of the stupidity of those I speak of here, would be the same if you were to trust your own children in the care of a criminal insane psychopath or pedophile .  You would be in fact committing the crime of child endangerment.  Except in this case on a much more grander scale of exposing the entire country to endangerment by allowing these people to immigrate to our country.

As callus as it may seem, I say let them fight it out.  It is not worth the life of one American to try to be noble and stand between two of our enemies who are hell bent on destroying themselves.  Whoever the victor is, we will eventually have to fight them right here in our own cities in our own country.  Perhaps their will be fewer of them at that time. 

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