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Affirmative Action
by Randal M. Bundy

Affirm is also referred to correctly as “Reverse Discrimination“.  It is in fact bad for the country, bad for society and bad for the people who it is being extended toward in an effort to provide them oportunities but in reality it is favoritism toward one person based solely upon the skin color.  It is just as evil as not awarding someone who is qualified for a job or position becasue of their skin color.  It is in reality the same thing.  

It has been promoted by the leftists and those who themselves excercise racism toward the same people whose ancesters they claim discriminated against other peoples ancesters.

It is in fact a tool of racism and like most government agencies and programs, one it is initiated as a policy, there is no end in sight for it.  Thus is the case with this enormous monster which was created to give legal precedence to persecuting and discriminating against White People of European Origin.

Affirmative alters the entire notion that if you attend classes at school, study hard and make good grades, the reward for your effort and hard work will be that you too can obtain that good job and your dreams of success can be achieved.

How many millions of white people who were more qualified that someone else did not get that job or promotion, yet were victimized, persecuted and discriminated against because of the color of their skin?  The answer clearly is "More than you can possibly imagine" and far more than the leftists who created and endorsed this scam are willing to admit.  Instead of fairness and equality being implemented, legal discrimination has prevailed.

Has society benefited by this obvious racism toward one particular segment of society?  Clearly not because we have people who are running countries and effecting change who are not qualified, not educated and no competent to hold the positions of power that they have unfairly been granted and society on many levels have suffered.  Even amongst the selected members of ethnic groups the leftists claim it helps. 

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