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Advocates and Representatives of the Devil
by Randal M. Bundy - 29 November 2014

(L) Prince Charles and (R) - Richard Harries, Baron of Pentreharth retired Anglican Bishop of Oxford
No I am not referring to Prince Charles, I am referring to the Anglican Bishop who, Says, “The Quran should be Read at Prince Charles' Coronation“.  So in Response to the Anglican Bishops ridiculous suggestion, I say the idiot might as well be calling for the Satanic Bible to be read too, as Islam and Satanism are pretty well one in the same.

You might hear politicians and diplomats, when disagreeing with Church Officials say something like, "I mean not disrespect" or perhaps "I humbly submit that..." etc, etc, etc.  Well your not going to hear that from me because I am not a politician and I certainly am no diplomat.  Furthermore I do NOT humble myself to any Church Official who pretends to be a representative of GOD, while doing the bidding of the Devil who is working against GOD.  Additionally since they are deliberately using their power and position to corrupt their congregation and the general populous, my disrespect toward them is most certainly intentional.

Church Officials who are guilty of the Following get NO Respect or Recognition from me as being Representatives of GOD, the divine Creator of the Universe, if they Accept, Endorse, Advocate, Preach or influence other for:

a - Sexual Perversions” ie: Homosexuality advocated as being an acceptable Alternate Lifestyle.
b - Deliberate denigrating of the “Sacred Institution of Marriage” - ie: Same Sex Marriage,
C - Slaughter of children still in the womb - ie:  Abortions
D - Recognition of Islam as being a Legitimate Religion
E - Permitting of Representatives of Islam inside of “A Church of GOD” and or permitting the reading of the Satanic Script known as the Quran inside of a Church Of GOD.

However they are in fact representing that entity which we know of as, “The Devil“, “Satan“ or “Lucifer”, but NOT GOD.

I do Absolutely DO intend to disrespect anyone who willingly, knowingly and deliberately asserts they are a Representative of GOD, yet these above violations of these well established Church and Christian Doctrine.  Furthermore I do not care if those officials are Roman Catholic, Anglican or American Protestant, some New Age Christian Unitarian or whatever.  

The suggestion of "Permitting the Reading from the Quran" at Prince Charles' Coronation comes from, Richard Harries, Baron of Pentreharth who is a retired Bishop of Oxford.   He asserts that such a gesture at the traditionally Anglican service would be "creative" and make Muslims feel "embraced" by the nation.

Well Gee!  Now isn't that special? Perhaps the Right Honourable Bishop of Oxford would answer one simple question, "When was the last time the Muslims ever permitted Christians to enter a Mosque and Conduct a Christian Sermon therein?  I'll answer that question since it is a rhetorical one, "NEVER" and they never will permit that from ever occurring.  As for being "Creative" as the Bishop aserts, nothing in the 1,400 some of years of the History of Islam has created anything but Death, Destruction, Slaughter and Enslavement.  

Perhaps the Bishop has become senile and in a state of dementia or perhaps he has succumbed to the corruption of the Devil himself.

When was it ever the duty of the Host Country to necessarily make immigrants to their country, "Feel Embraced by the Nation".  I suggest that perhaps it is the Muslims who should endeavor to make the Host Country and the Real British People Feel Appreciated for their kindness and Hospitality in allowing the Muslims to have the Opportunity to be a part of British Society.  Sure they can keep their Religion, as long as that Religion does NOT impose itself upon or advocate the harm to the very people who have allowed them to immigrate to their country.  In other words do what all other immigrants have done and that is to Respect those around you, respect their culture, tradition, language and history.  

Never before have I heard such a ridiculous bunch of nonsensical words or suggestions coming from someone who must certainly have received a competent education growing up in Britain.  However I suspect that the key word to use in this case in regards to the Retired Bishop of Oxford who professes himself to be a Christian Religious Figure is the word, “Competent" and I see no example here of "Competence".

If in fact the Bishop is suffering from senility and or dementia, then he certainly can be forgiven for these transgressions, however he should at that point never be taken serious for anything he might utter in the future.  However if he has in fact succumbed to the corruption of the Devil himself, then NO he can not be forgiven for these transgressions as he has allowed himself to be a messenger and an accomplice of the devil in corrupting others who might actually mistakenly consider his words and suggestions seriously.

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