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Abuse of the Military by Obama,
Clinton and Other Presidents and Politicians

by Randal

Today I learned that Obama has now is ordered US Military to oversee the digging of toilets at a girl’s school in Kenya, the Country that the First Lady Michelle Obama once publicly said was Obama's Home Country.

Yes, that is right folks, The Naval Facilities Engineering Command is tasked with coordinating this ridiculous abuse of the military personnel and are now to involved in construction of a building containing 16 female “dry-pit latrines” for the Mpeketoni Secondary School, according to project Statement of Work recently discovered during routine database research.

Latrins in Kenya
Now when you think about that, please keep in mind that this comes on the heals of all the Endless Wars which have been conducted year after year which, no doubt certain political and corporate elitists have obviously profited from.  We now have a situation where the former service men have had to not only pay for their medical benefits, but the military overall now face reductions in number in their ranks as well as higher payments toward those health benefits. That’s in addition to duty in Afghanistan, which has always seemed to me to be a war which like many before it was designed as a war with no end in site.  That might be great for the Military - Industrial Complex, but not for the health and moral of the military as a whole or for the individual Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who fight in those wars.

Do you remember when Obama called over Marines standing guard, to come and hold an umbrellas for over his head and the Turkish Official at some speech out doors?  What an absolute insult to the Marine Corp and the individual Marine, whose job it is NOT to be “Butlers for Bureaucrats“.
Obama Marine Umbrella
Obama is not the first President or Political Figure to abuse the military, Hillary Clinton also called marines away from their guard posts to use them as Waiters and Servers at some State Dinner

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines. Airmen and even Secret Service are Warriors and are trained to fight wars to protect their country and their people.  They are a special breed of men and woman. Without those Warriors none of our societies would exist and none of our Freedoms and Liberties that so many people take for granite would exist.  

The Warrior Class has always existed and those who choose to become a member of that class are very special people who should rightfully take pride in their service to our country, society and people.  Without the class we would quite simply be prey to those countries and societies who also have a warrior class.

A Warrior is not a Babysitter, Nursemaid, Doormen, Butler, Chauffeur, Diplomat, Waiter, Busboy or even a politician.  

"The job of a warrior is quite simply to Kill People and Blow Shit Up".  Every Warrior know that when you become a Warrior the chances of having to fight in a war is very likely and they accept that as a possible fate for them.  They also know that there is always a chance that they may be injured in battle and even killed, yet they do not cower.  They accept those possibilities while still remaining a Human being with families, with spouses and children whom they love.

The job of the Warrior quite simply is to fight wars.  When not fighting wars, they are to be training to fight wars.

It saddens and outrages me when I learn of some worthless wimpy politician or civilian who fails to understand these things and abuses their power by using Warriors in such a way that not only is not what they are trained to do and is not at all within their job description, but is in fact disgracing the individual Warriors and the fine Class they belong to, be they Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen or Secret Service should never be used in any such matter.

Now I have learned over the years with such matters as this, if this one particular situation has reached the public news, then their certainly is many more that have not.  So the abuse is not just an isolated incident, it is part of the general disregard the upper elite have for the military itself.

If you want to fight a war, call the military and it's warrior class.  If you want a butler, they hire someone who advertises that particular skill and occupation.  You would want to call a Butler or Babysitter to fight your wars, so don’t call that Warrior to open your door, baby-sit presidential  brats, or be waiters for diplomats at some state dinner or something as ridiculous as holding an umbrella so that “rain drops do not keep falling on the Presidents head.  Certainly do not ask some Warrior to go build a latrine for a girls school in Kenya.  This of course also brings up another question of spending tax payers dollars on building latrines in Kenya, to begin with.  I wonder also who they hell authorized such inappropriate spending.

Now as for building Latrines for some damn girls school in Kenya, I have a very revolutionary concept and idea, how about the Kenyan's build their own damn Latrines.  Do they not have able bodied men in Kenya, capable of digging a whole in the ground, enclosing that whole and pouring concrete?  If they can carry an AK-47, then they should be able to carry a shovel.  Certainly they have someone in that country educated in engineering who would be capable of supervising the job.  This holds true for all third world countries.  If you they are not capable of establishing running water, building Latrines, and stringing electric lines for home power, then we invite them to come to our country and we will teach them.  However it will have to be at their expense because if they can afford to buy weapons and ammunition then we expect them to also be able to afford to pay for their education in such critical engineering aspects as I propose.

I was myself a Soldier in the Army.  I started at the very lowest rank of a Private and advanced to the rank of sergeant and eventually on to the Officer Ranks, but even at the lowest rank, all are members of that special and unique, “Warrior Class“.  Although I am no longer in Military Service, I am still as all of the others who have served, a member of the Warrior Class.  You must understand that it is like the Marines say, "Once a Marine, Always a Marine". Which is why a marine never refers to himself as an “ex-Marine“. In reality the Warrior Class is for life.  Yes they may go on to other occupations, such as Politician, or any of the numerous other occupations, but down inside at the core, they are still and always will be “Warriors” and thank God For Them!

The next time you are walking down a street or through a grocery store or a fast food restaurant and you see a man or woman in military uniform, rather they be a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airmen extend your hand to shake theirs and thank them for their service their country and be grateful for the warrior class.  Also try to imagine the fate of your country, society, and your family and yourself, if the Warrior Class did not exist.
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